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N Korea tension exposes rift between US aides

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A dispute over North Korea has once again laid bare the apparent rift between the White House and the top US diplomat, leading to behind-the-scenes scrambling this week by aides meant to avoid mixed signals about the world's tensest standoff.

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White House reins in Tillerson's offer of 'no preconditions' to negotiations with Pyongyang

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The White House and State Department both stated Wednesday that the US is not ready to begin talks with North Korea, a day after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had suggested the two sides could start talks without preconditions.

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Finger pointing rages behind scenes after Alabama stunner

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As a cold morning broke at the White House on Wednesday, questions mounted about who was to blame for the remarkable loss of Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore.

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The education of Ivanka Trump

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Like nearly every senior staffer in a White House infamous for backstabbing, Ivanka Trump spent her early months immersed in the drama of competing power centers.

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The 11 weirdest moments at Roy Moore's final rally

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Roy Moore's final rally Monday night in the Alabama Senate race was everything you might expect it to be -- a political circus, with Steve Bannon, the one-time chief strategist in the Trump White House, serving as ringmaster.

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Immigration: White House claims Trump's plans could have prevented attack

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The White House said Monday that President Donald Trump's preferred immigration policies would have prevented the suspect in an attempted New York terrorist attack from entering the country.

Sarah Sanders just made a hugely offensive allegation against the media

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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders isn't a big fan of the media.

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What are Republicans willing to sacrifice for a Senate seat?

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This Tuesday, the GOP faces a defining moment. With Donald Trump in the White House and the possibility of Roy Moore in the Senate, the nation is watching closely to see whether the GOP is becoming the party of the GOB -- the good old boys.

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US ends speculation over Olympics participation

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The White House says the US "looks forward to participating" in the 2018 Winter Olympics, following confusion after US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said it remained an "open question" whether US athletes would be able to attend.

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Derailment is price is Trump willing to pay to fulfill campaign promise to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital

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President Donald Trump's decision Wednesday to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital has temporarily derailed the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, two senior White House officials acknowledged after Trump's speech.

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