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Election Officials Detail How to Improve Voting System SecurityElection Officials Detail How to Improve Voting System Security

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DAILY VIDEO: Election officials discuss efforts to bolster voting system security, and Cisco brings SD-WAN to 1 million edge routers.


Election Officials Discuss Efforts to Bolster Voting System SecurityElection Officials Discuss Efforts to Bolster Voting System Security

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At Defon in Las Vegas, election officials talk about potential cyber-security and some of the steps they are taking to improve voting system security.


See 'SNL' writers take lie detector test

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Who regrets voting for Trump? Michael Che and Colin Jost put their friendship and political views to the test for Vanity Fair.

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Polls open as Zimbabweans vote in first Mugabe-free election

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Zimbabweans are voting in what many hope will be something the country has never seen before: a free and fair election, without the interference of former leader Robert Mugabe.

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US intel warns of Russian threat to power grid

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CNN's Jim Sciutto reports that US intelligence believes Russia has the capability to hack several US infrastructures, including voting systems and electrical grids.

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How the Supreme Court is changing the rules on voting

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The Supreme Court continues to deliver an implicit message to civil rights advocates challenging state election practices as discriminatory: States can do what they want.

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The young Americans trying to stop Ireland from voting Yes

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Emily Faulkner is in central Dublin, handing out leaflets featuring fetuses in various stages of development, when she's pelted by an egg.

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Cambridge Analytica suppressed black vote, whistleblower says

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The whistleblower whose disclosures about Cambridge Analytica shook the tech world over questions about users' data privacy told Congress on Wednesday that the company engaged in efforts to discourage or suppress voting.

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ServiceNow: Product Overview and InsightServiceNow: Product Overview and Insight

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ServiceNow, which appears to be pivoting to simply Now, provides cloud-based solutions that define, structure, manage and automate assets and services for enterprise operations.

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James Ball: All hail the absurd joy of Eurovision

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This Saturday, performers from 26 countries and thousands of fans will congregate in Lisbon for the 2018 final of the Eurovision Song Contest -- a huge international singing contest whose format, voting and bizarre politics make it all but incomprehensible to anyone who isn't from one of the participating countries.

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