Friday, 22 June 2018
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The young Americans trying to stop Ireland from voting Yes

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Emily Faulkner is in central Dublin, handing out leaflets featuring fetuses in various stages of development, when she's pelted by an egg.

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Cambridge Analytica suppressed black vote, whistleblower says

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The whistleblower whose disclosures about Cambridge Analytica shook the tech world over questions about users' data privacy told Congress on Wednesday that the company engaged in efforts to discourage or suppress voting.

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ServiceNow: Product Overview and InsightServiceNow: Product Overview and Insight

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ServiceNow, which appears to be pivoting to simply Now, provides cloud-based solutions that define, structure, manage and automate assets and services for enterprise operations.

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James Ball: All hail the absurd joy of Eurovision

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This Saturday, performers from 26 countries and thousands of fans will congregate in Lisbon for the 2018 final of the Eurovision Song Contest -- a huge international singing contest whose format, voting and bizarre politics make it all but incomprehensible to anyone who isn't from one of the participating countries.

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Our 2018 plans for research

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This is the second of three posts that form our annual review and plan for the following year. The reviewed our progress in 2017. The following post will cover GiveWell's progress and plans as an organization. We aim to release our metrics on our influence on donations in 2017 by the end of June 2018. Summary
Our primary research goals for 2018 are to:
  1. Explore areas that may be more cost-effective than our current recommendations but don’t fit neatly into our current criteria by investigating (i) interventions aimed at influencing policy in low- and middle-income countries and (ii) opportunities to influence major aid agencies.
  2. Find new top charities that meet our current criteria by (i) completing intervention reports for at least two interventions we think are likely to result in GiveWell top charities by the end of 2019, (ii) considering renewal of GiveWell Incubation Grants to current grantee organizations that may become top charities in the future and making new Incubation Grants, and (iii) developing and maintaining high-quality relationships with charities, funders, and influencers in the global health and development community.
  3. Improve our internal processes to support the above goals. We plan to continue to delegate significant parts of our top charity update process to non-management staff and to improve our year-end process for making recommendations.
  4. Continue following our top charities and address priority questions. We are devoting fewer resources than we have in the past to top charity updates. We plan to continue gathering up-to-date information to allow us to make high-quality allocation decisions for giving season, and to answer a small number of high-priority questions.

  5. Our secondary goals (which we hope to achieve, but are lower priority than the goals above) are to:
    1. Improve the quality of our decisions and transparency about our decision-making process.
    2. Hire more flexible research capacity to increase our output.
    3. Complete reviews of two new potential top charities.

    4. We discuss each of these goals in greater depth below.

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Conservative rejected in presidential runoff

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Costa Rican voters soundly rejected a presidential candidate who campaigned on social conservative issues on Sunday, instead voting overwhelmingly for a well-known political figure and writer.

Egypt polls open as Sisi faces little contest

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Polls have opened in Egypt's presidential election on Monday, starting three days of voting across the country.

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Putin on course to top 70% of the vote

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The first exit polls after voting ends in Russia's presidential election show that incumbent Vladimir Putin is on track to win his fourth term as Russian president. CNN's Matthew Chance reports.

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Thousands gather for second straight day of Women's Marches

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Thousands of demonstrators gathered in cities across the United States Sunday for a second day of Women's Marches, calling for equality and respect while urging supporters to make their voices heard by voting in this year's midterm elections.


Haley's reception for countries that backed US on Jerusalem resolution

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US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley hosted a "Friends of the US" reception Wednesday night, inviting those who had voted against or abstained from voting on a resolution condemning the United States for officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


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