Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Jerusalem's 'lost theater' found after 1,700 years

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Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of a theater-like structure hidden beneath Jerusalem's Western Wall for 1,700 years.

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James Corden apologizes for Harvey Weinstein jokes

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Late-night host James Corden apologized for jokes he made about Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced producer who is the target of a growing number of sexual harassment and abuse accusations.

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New evacuations ordered for as California fire toll grows

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Several thousand more people were ordered Saturday to evacuate from the Northern California city of Santa Rosa as a new wildfire threatened the area, six days after deadly blazes started to devastate the region.

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California fires: 36 people dead; thousands of buildings destroyed

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Reinforcements from other regions are helping firefighters contain more of the largest wildfires devastating Northern California, though strong winds expected over the weekend could challenge those gains, a fire chief said Friday.

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Puerto Ricans scramble for food and water 3 weeks after Maria

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Thousands have fled Puerto Rico in the three weeks since Hurricane Maria hit, but for the millions remaining the struggle for life's basic necessities seems to be never-ending.

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Penguin catastrophe leaves thousands dead with only two survivors

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A penguin colony in Antarctica has suffered a massive breeding failure, with only two chicks surviving the disaster.

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California fires: death toll rises to 27

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Firefighters battling deadly blazes in Northern California face a daunting new challenge Wednesday: Winds are expected to pick back up, threatening to spread wildfires that already have killed 21 people, destroyed hundreds of buildings and forced thousands of evacuations.

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Afghanistan: 16 years, thousands dead and no end in sight

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America's longest war continues to trudge on and the bodies continue to pile up.

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California fires: 23 dead, 500+ missing

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Wildfires raging across Northern California have killed at least 17 people, as hundreds of firefighters battle the flames and keep thousands of people away from the blaze's path.

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Opinion: The reason he was able to keep getting away with it

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In the world of sex abuse litigation, some things change and some things never do. Bill Cosby allegedly used Quaaludes and a famous television show to lure young women to his "casting couch." Harvey Weinstein allegedly used his shower and his aphrodisiac and drug of choice: the promise of Hollywood movie fame. Both men, however, were united in their choice of protective legal shields: the court-sanctioned use of secret nondisclosure settlement agreements (NDAs), which prevented future victims from learning about previous accusations made against the media moguls.

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