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Bizarre world of vintage tobacco ads

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There was a time in advertising when tobacco was sold as a nerve-calming, throat-soothing agent, and alcohol as an elixir for social success.

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Considering policy advocacy organizations: Why GiveWell made a grant to the Centre for Pesticide Suicide Prevention

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In August 2017, GiveWell recommended a of $1.3 million to the Centre for Pesticide Suicide Prevention (CPSP). This grant was made as part of to seed the development of potential future GiveWell top charities and to grow the pipeline of organizations we can consider for a recommendation. CPSP implements a different type of program from work GiveWell has funded in the past. Namely, CPSP identifies the pesticides which are most commonly used in suicides and advocates for governments to ban the most lethal pesticides.
Because CPSP's goal is to encourage governments to enact bans, its work falls into the broader category of policy advocacy, an area we are newly focused on. We plan to investigate or are in the process of investigating several other policy causes, including tobacco control, lead paint regulation, and measures to improve road traffic safety.
This post will discuss:
  • GiveWell's interest in researching policy advocacy interventions as possible priority programs. ()
  • Why CPSP is promising as a policy advocacy organization and Incubation Grant recipient. ()
  • Our plans for following CPSP's work going forward. ()

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Big Oil will have to pay up, like Big Tobacco

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Here is a message to investors in the oil industry, whether pension and insurance funds, university endowments, hedge funds or other asset managers: Your investments are going to sour. The growing devastation caused by climate change, as seen this month in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean, are going to blow a hole in your fossil-fuel portfolio.

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Chain-smoking children: Indonesia's ongoing tobacco epidemic

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Surrounded by farmland and plantations in the small village of Teluk Kemang Sungai Lilin in South Sumatra, a boy, just 8 years old, sits smiling with his mother.

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Tobacco use up 80% in movies

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In 2016, 41% of top-grossing US movies showed people using tobacco, according to a recent report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a decrease from the year before. However, there was an 80% increase in incidents of tobacco use in those movies from 2015 to 2016.

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Study reveals high environmental cost of tobacco

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Smoking kills 7 million people a year, and it scars the planet through deforestation, pollution and littering.

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You're Going to Need a Bigger Bathtub, Because Lush's Spring Products Are Incredible

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London's Tobacco Dock recently played host to the Lush Summit, an opportunity for Lush staff, , and press to come together to discover more about what goes on behind the scenes of . The Summit's main theme was activism, but among exhibits from the many causes and grassroots groups that the company supports, were a whole host of exclusive products, new launches, and exciting developments from the company. We saw gooey jelly bath bombs, exciting reformulations, brand new creations, and gifts for Easter, and .
While not everything we saw at the Summit will be hitting your local store, there's a lot to get excited about. Go behind the scenes now as we bring you all the new Spring launches for North America, plus a peek at what may be to come in the future, courtesy of those Summit exclusive treats. If you thought , you ain't seen nothing yet!

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What Finland's plan to be tobacco-free can teach the world

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The Finnish government has set an ambitious goal for residents in a bid to benefit their health -- and their bank balances.

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