Friday, 20 July 2018
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'Mobocracy' cannot be the new normal, says India's top court on lynching

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India's Supreme Court has recommended the government enact new laws to combat a rise in mob violence, amid a sharp rise in the number of so-called vigilante attacks.

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LGBT Indians gear up for possible U-turn on anti-gay laws

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India's Supreme Court has reignited the debate over one of the country's most controversial laws -- the criminalization of homosexual acts.

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Justice choice was scripted end to Trump's reality show

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For all his bluster and choreographed suspense, President Donald Trump's blockbuster Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh was all but locked in from the start.

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Death penalty upheld in India gang rape

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The Supreme Court rejected the petition for clemency filed by three of the convicts in the infamous gang rape that took place in New Delhi in 2012.

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Trump to unveil Supreme Court pick for the ages

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When President Donald Trump unveils his second Supreme Court pick Monday night with the prime-time flourish of a reality show star, he will lay a momentous marker in modern political history.

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Bradley Tusk: Trump's wish for the Supreme Court may be his downfall

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Despite what many of us want to believe, President Donald Trump is the front-runner in 2020. If you supported him in 2016, you have little reason to regret your choice -- he's working hard to fulfill all his campaign promises. Sure, the polls often show that Trump's approval rating is underwater. But voters are a lot more than just data points graphed onto projections.

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President to make Supreme Court pick, meet UK Queen, Putin -- and America may never be the same

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President Donald Trump, a political impresario and disrupter, is never happier than when holding the world in thrall. But the next 11 days -- when he is expected to enlist a new Supreme Court pick, the Queen of England and the Russian President as supporting actors in his melodrama -- could be extreme even by his standards.

Poland's top judge defies law forcing retirement

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The head of Poland's Supreme Court Małgorzata Gersdorf is defying a new law that would force her to retire, state media reports, triggering a further escalation of tension between the European Union and the member state.

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Republican senator: Won't support Supreme Court pick hostile to abortion rights

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Republican Sen. Susan Collins, a key vote in the coming Supreme Court confirmation fight, said Sunday she would not support a nominee hostile to the landmark abortion ruling in Roe v. Wade.

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John Roberts played the long game and won

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For much of Chief Justice John Roberts' 13 years in the center chair on the Supreme Court, the direction of the law came down to the man who sat next to him, Anthony Kennedy, whose key vote and centrist-conservative reasoning steered cases from abortion to gay rights to the death penalty.

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