Thursday, 20 September 2018
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Taiwan accused of manipulating students with sex to become spies

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China has accused Taiwan's intelligence agencies of using honey traps to recruit university exchange students as spies, in an effort to "infiltrate" and "sabotage" activities on the mainland.

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French art school accused of photoshopping in black students for US ads

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It was supposed to be a campaign to help a reputable French art school raise its profile in the United States but it went terribly wrong.

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South Korean students accused of gaining weight to avoid military service

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South Korean authorities have vowed to "make an example" of 12 music students accused of conspiring to gain weight to avoid mandatory military service.

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France's school phone ban kicks in

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Primary, junior and middle school students will head back to classrooms in France sans smartphones.

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Guys hang fake poster in McDonald's

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Two University of Houston students hung a fake poster of themselves on one of the walls of their local McDonald's that went unnoticed for several weeks.

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MPs want inquiry into UK's treatment of foreign students

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A group of UK lawmakers are calling for an independent inquiry into the Home Office's treatment of tens of thousands of foreign nationals, mostly students, whose visas were revoked or refused after they were accused of cheating on an English language test in 2014.

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Chinese kindergarten principal fired after kids welcomed with pole dance

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A Chinese kindergarten principal has been fired after she welcomed students back to school at the beginning of term with a pole dancing display.

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S Korea bans coffee in schools -- even among teachers

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South Korea will introduce a new law banning the sale of coffee in schools across the country in a bid to keep students from consuming too much caffeine.

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'Black Panther' actor surprises students

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"Black Panther" actor Michael B. Jordan was in Alabama shooting a movie when he decided to stop and surprise some students he passed by in his car.

Why Ethiopians believe new PM is a prophet

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At 6 am when Gutama Habro arrived at the Target Arena in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the line for tickets already snaked around the block. Within hours, 20,000 fans had packed the venue. "People around me were crying," says Gutama, a 28-year-old medical student. "Seeing this was a dream come true."

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