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'Ghost particle' found in Antarctica provides breakthrough

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For the first time, scientists have been able to trace the origins of a ghostly subatomic particle that traveled 3.7 billion light-years to Earth. The tiny, high-energy cosmic particle is called a neutrino, and it was found by sensors deep in the Antarctic ice in the IceCube detector.

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Fossils suggest giant dinosaurs evolved millions of years earlier than thought

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Recently-unearthed fossils in Argentina suggest that giant dinosaurs roamed the Earth some 30 million years earlier than scientists had previously thought.

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Scientists discover world's oldest color

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The color of bubble gum, flamingos and cotton candy -- bright pink -- is the world's oldest color, according to a recent study.

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Australian experiment wipes out over 80% of disease-carrying mosquitoes

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In an experiment with global implications, Australian scientists have successfully wiped out more than 80% of disease-carrying mosquitoes in trial locations across north Queensland.

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Scientists cautiously optimistic about HIV vaccine candidate

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There may be a glimmer of hope in the fight to protect people from HIV-1, the most widespread type of the virus and the one that causes the most disease globally.

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'Test-tube rhino' created in hopes of saving dying species

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Scientists have used in-vitro fertilization techniques to develop hybrid rhino embryos -- "test-tube rhinos" -- which could help save the endangered northern white rhinoceros species, according to a new study.

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Einstein's diaries reveal racist streak

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A series of travel diaries written by famed physicist and anti-racism campaigner Albert Einstein -- and now published in English for the first time -- reveal that the scientist held racist and xenophobic views of his own.

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Scientists lay out doomsday scenario amid massive melt of Antarctica's sea ice

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Sea levels will rise and all coastal countries could be seriously threatened by flooding if nothing is done to stop the massive melt of sea ice in Antarctica, according to nine award-winning scientists who have spent decades studying the icy continent and the waters around it.

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Hurricanes are getting slower -- and that could be a big problem

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Hurricanes and tropical storms, known as tropical cyclones, are moving slower around the planet, according to a new study from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientist James Kossin.

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Blood test offers hope of detecting cancers

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Promising new research enabled scientists to screen for different types of cancer at an early stage using a blood test.

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