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Saudi Arabia, major combatant in Yemen, to tackle spread of cholera

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Saudi Arabia plans to shell out tens of millions of dollars to stem an outbreak of cholera in Yemen, spawned amid the military offensive it's spearheading there against the Houthi rebels.


Battle for Raqqa: 7 things you need to know

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Raqqa is the last city of any consequence still held by Islamic State in either Syria or Iraq. But after being pummeled by airstrikes for months, ISIS' de-facto capital is now surrounded by US-backed rebels on three sides.


Fashion's most notorious rebels

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Since the start of the new millennium, the fashion industry has been in flux.

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Erdogan meets Trump: 3 key issues

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Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will likely take a wishlist to his meeting with US President Donald Trump on Tuesday, and at the very top will be calls to scrap a US plan to arm Kurdish rebels in Syria.

US-backed rebels 'wrest Syrian city from ISIS'

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US-backed rebels said they "liberated" the strategic Syrian city of Tabqa and a nearby dam from ISIS.

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Turkey hits back as Trump authorizes arming Kurds

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Turkey has lashed out at Washington's plan to send arms to Kurdish rebels fighting ISIS in Syria, calling for an end to a strategy that has long rattled officials in Ankara.


India's tribal peoples caught between Maoist rebels and the state

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In central India, locals find themselves trapped in the middle of a decades-long conflict between Maoist rebels and the government.


Colombia clears path for ex-rebels to hold office

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Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced that the Colombian Senate has approved 10 congressional seats for former FARC combatants interested in holding elected office.


Rose Byrne Recalls 'Surreal' Scene With Oprah Winfrey

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Rose Byrne found telling Oprah Winfrey to "shut the f**k up" in 'The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks' to be "surreal".
The 37-year-old actress stars alongside the American icon in the new HBO TV movie, and Rose admitted that one particular scene with Oprah sticks out in her mind.
She shared: "It was intense! It was a long day, but we wanted to do a good job and we were g-ed up to do it.
"It was one of those strange surreal moments in your life but that's acting you know? I think I said that to Glenn Close a few times as well so I'm clearly cornering a market, telling legendary woman to eff off."
Rose was, in fact, a little intimidated by her co-star before she got to know her on the set of the TV movie.
She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Of course, someone of that profile, and [me] playing very intense roles, a journalist trying to really get in her space, you know so, and with somebody whose profile everybody wants a piece of you. But we leaned heavily on George Wolf our director, he really navigated us through everything."
Rose also revealed Oprah approached the job with some trepidation, especially as the movie centers on the life of Henrietta Lacks, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer in the 1950s and whose cancer cells changed the course of treatment.
Rose - who plays the part of Rebecca Skloot, a freelance science writer, in the movie - explained: "She's incredibly humble for someone of her ... being a living legend, really.
"She had a huge undertaking and she was nervous admittedly, as was I. It's a very important story and a big story we tried to tell in a short amount of time too, so it was ambitious."


Syria evacuations resume after deadly attack

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The evacuation of civilians and rebels from several besieged Syrian towns resumed on Wednesday, Syrian state media and a monitoring group reported.

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