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Paris Jackson shares final moments with her grandfather

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Paris Jackson is usually pretty private about her life, but she has opened up to share her last moments with her grandfather Joe Jackson.

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Kylie Jenner Takes Celeb-Filled Selfie at the Met Gala

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Kylie Jenner broke the Met Gala's social media ban to post a celebrity-filled selfie at the annual fundraiser.
The 19-year-old TV star ignored the wishes of the organisers of the annual bash at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on Monday (01.05.17) to take a bathroom selfie alongside a host of well-known faces, including her sister Kendall, half-sister Kim Kardashian West, ASAP Rocky, P. Diddy and Paris Jackson.
Kylie posted the image on her Instagram account and it has already been 'liked' more than two million times by her followers.
onfirmed Kylie had realised her ambition of taking at least one selfie at the event in New York, even though guests were explicitly asked not to post pictures on social media.
Earlier in the evening, Kylie said: "I'll sneak a selfie, I always sneak a selfie."
Despite this, Kylie previously admitted that her social media accounts aren't necessarily a true reflection of her real-life self.
Speaking in 2016, the reality star explained: "I usually don't show my true personality to the world, because when you open yourself up so much, there's more room for people to say things about you."
Kylie explained that her public image is carefully orchestrated, admitting she doesn't want to reveal her true self to her followers.
She said: "This is where #WhoIsKylieJenner comes into play. I don't really say who Kylie Jenner is, you know what I mean?"
Kylie revealed, too, that a lot of thought goes into her Snapchat posts.
She shared: "I always like to give people what they want to see. It's not that I necessarily [want] to post all of my cars today. It's that I know people want to see that and live their life through ours."

Paris Jackson Warns Viewers Off 13 Reasons Why

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Paris Jackson has warned '13 Reasons Why' may leave viewers in a "dark place".
The 'Star' actress - who has previously attempted suicide "multiple times" - thinks Netflix's controversial program has done an "amazing" job of warning bullies their actions can have serious consequences, but admitted she is also concerned it could have a triggering effect on vulnerable people.
Paris shared a post warning away audiences from the show, which argued it was "incredibly irresponsibly handled and puts people in very real danger" and advised impressionable youngsters to stay away from the series.
She wrote: "This is really important to spread towards people that are struggling with depression or anxiety, self-harm, and or suicidal thoughts.
"This show was an amazing way to get the message across to bullies that they need to stop doing what they are doing.
"It really did a good job of showing how impactful words and actions can be to other human beings. You can't just do or say things to people without thinking about how it will affect them.
"But at the same time, it is also an extremely triggering thing to watch.
"Please only watch this show with caution and keep in mind that it may put you in a dark place. If you are struggling please don't watch it. If you think you can handle it, please by all means check it out.(sic)"
Paris - who is the daughter of the late Michael Jackson - previously admitted she had made a number of suicide attempts in the past.
The 19-year-old star said: "It was just self-hatred. Low self-esteem, thinking that I couldn't do anything right, not thinking I was worthy of living anymore."
'13 Reasons Why', which hit Netflix on March 31, is based on the 2007 novel 'Thirteen Reasons Why' by Jay Asher and revolves around Hannah, who kills herself following a series of heartbreaking failures brought on by a number of students within her school in California.
After Hannah's death, those individuals who contributed to her death received a box of tapes in which the troubled teen describes in detail how their actions led to her ending her life.

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Zac Efron's Promise to Paris Jackson

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Zac Efron has promised to "make it up" to Paris Jackson after unknowingly breaking her heart when she was 10.
The 'Baywatch' actor was "bummed out" to hear about the 18-year-old actress' disappointment after she had been excitedly looking forward to him appearing at a 'High School Musical' live concert several years ago, only for him to miss the performance due to filming commitments.
He said: "I did not know this. This is the first time I'm hearing of it. I'm bummed out.
"I'll have to make it up to her. Absolutely. In some way. I'm sure we'll cross paths. Much love until then."
Paris revealed her "heartbreak" to talk show host Jimmy Fallon last week.
Discussing Zac's absence, she recalled: "It was the depressing part, I was this heartbroken 10 year old."
Meanwhile, though Zac, 29, worked out to be in incredible shape for the 'Baywatch' movie, he admits it isn't a workout regime he'll be sticking to now filming is over because he doesn't need to be "that buff" in everyday life.
He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "That was pretty intense shape. That involved training two, four, seven, six days a week, 4:30 in the morning - up everyday.
"I always maintain health and fitness for life. You know, I love to be able to do anything at all times and be strong, which is just a part of the way I live.
" You know, cutting water and that's essential to looking like an Olympic swimmer. That was to achieve a specific look, it's not functional.
"I don't need to be that buff to give interviews and stuff."
One scene in the film sees Zac don high-heeled shoes and he found it one of the trickiest things he'd ever filmed because the footwear was so uncomfortable.
He said: "It's so tough. I don't know how girls do it.
"You're not meant to walk like that. You're on your toes, it's really tiring on the legs.
"I remember at the end of the day, I was just like, I wanted to give up but I couldn't sit down because I would show something.
"The dress had a slit. I don't know how you girls do it. I give you so much props."

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Paris Jackson reveals Zac Efron left her 'heartbroken'

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Paris Jackson was left "heartbroken" by Zac Efron at her first concert.
The 18-year-old actress - who is the daughter of music icon Michael Jackson - was a huge 'High School Musical' fan as a child and was, therefore, devastated to learn Zac wouldn't be performing at her first-ever gig because he was working on another film project.
Paris explained: "The first concert that I actively wanted to see was 'High School Musical'."
But Paris' excitement soon turned to despair after she was informed Zac wouldn't be at the concert.
Speaking to 'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon, she recalled: "It was the depressing part, heartbroken."
Zac, 29, actually missed the gig because he was shooting 'The Derby Stallion', which was released in 2005.
Meanwhile, Naomi Campbell said earlier this month that she thinks Paris will make an "incredible actress".
Paris recently scored her first TV role in the Lee Daniels drama series 'Star', and Naomi - who also filmed for a guest appearance in the show - can see great potential in Paris' acting ability.
Naomi said: "I just feel in my gut that she's going to be an incredible actress."
And although Naomi never got the opportunity to meet the teenager during shooting for the show, she did once "have tea" with a very young Paris alongside her late father Michael.
The supermodel said: "I met Paris with her father, and I was very lucky enough before Michael passed away to have tea with Michael and the kids [Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket]."
In addition to her burgeoning acting career, Paris recently signed a modelling contract IMG Models, which also oversees the careers of other big-name stars such as Gisele Bundchen, Gigi Hadid and Candice Swanepoel.


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