Sunday, 22 October 2017
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Tensions escalate as Iraqi forces near Kirkuk

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Iraqi forces are approaching the Kurdish-controlled city of Kirkuk, with Iraq's Prime Minister calling on residents in the oil-rich city to cooperate with its security forces.


In a smoldering winery, a boiling river of red wine emerges

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Among smoldering casks and ruined wine bottles in a burnt-out California winery, an ominous and fascinating sight unfolds: A stream of red wine, running down a hill, boiling from the heat of the ground below.


Why Turkey-US tensions have come to a boil

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Turkey-US relations have taken a rapid dive after the arrest of a US consular staff member, sparking one of the worst diplomatic disputes between the nations in decades.

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Are you smarter than Donald Trump? Take our IQ test!

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Donald Trump isn't totally sure whether Rex Tillerson called him a "moron." (SPOILER ALERT: He did.) But what he is absolutely sure of is that he is smarter than his secretary of state.


'Blade Runner,' 'Westworld' test our empathy

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The following contains major spoilers about "Blade Runner 2049."

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Oracle Cloud Security Suites Automatically Detect, Foil Cyber-ThreatsOracle Cloud Security Suites Automatically Detect, Foil Cyber-Threats

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Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison’s says companies are losing the cyber-war, but claims his company has the answer with its new Security Cloud services driven by artificial intelligence.

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What just happened?

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Spain is facing political turmoil this week following a contested independence referendum in the region of Catalonia, which descended into violence and left hundreds injured.

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Cycle of selflessness: Florida Keys survives darkest days

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In the darkest days after the storm, when the basic comforts many take for granted -- power, water, toilets, contact with the outside world -- were wiped out by Hurricane Irma, the Conch Republic took care of its own.

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Big Oil will have to pay up, like Big Tobacco

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Here is a message to investors in the oil industry, whether pension and insurance funds, university endowments, hedge funds or other asset managers: Your investments are going to sour. The growing devastation caused by climate change, as seen this month in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean, are going to blow a hole in your fossil-fuel portfolio.


Why India is falling in love with a movie about toilets

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A movie that tackles the subject of open defecation may not sound like romantic entertainment, but audiences across India think the current Bollywood hit "Toilet: A Love Story" delivers just that.


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