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Swim inside world's largest underwater cave

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Underwater archeologists in Mexico have discovered the worlds largest flooded cave.

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Divers discover world's longest underwater cave system

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Underwater archeologists in Mexico have discovered the worlds largest flooded cave.

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Scientists identify what may have killed millions in mystery epidemic

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In the 16th century, an epidemic known as "cocoliztli" that caused bleeding and vomiting swept through large areas of Guatemala, Mexico and even reached Peru. It wiped out 80% of the population, killing millions of people.


Radishes as art? They are in Oaxaca, Mexico

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"I feel so proud of being part of something so traditionally Oaxacan," Daniel Rojas tells me as I enter a dimly lit room rich with the earthy smell of radishes.

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Strong earthquake prompts tsunami threat message in Caribbean, Mexico

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The US Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said tsunami waves were possible for several countries in the Caribbean and Central America, as well as Mexico, after a magnitude-7.6 earthquake struck 27 miles (43 kilometers) off the coast of Honduras.

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Trump's Mexico wall would be a gift to the drug cartels

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The tricks of the multibillion-dollar drug business include using drones, submarines, ultralight planes and even frozen sharks to transport product across the US-Mexico border. Just consider that in 2016, US Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations agents attempted to seize a submarine in the Pacific Ocean with nearly $194 million worth of cocaine.


US Coast Guard searching for unresponsive aircraft

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The US Coast Guard has launched a search over the Gulf of Mexico for a missing light aircraft, which was unresponsive to air traffic control and US Air Force attempts at communicating.

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Where to get the best mole in Mexico

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Puebla is the fourth-largest city in Mexico, just a two-hour drive from the capital (it's 67 miles, but there's no accounting for Distrito Federal traffic).

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How to get this Mexican beach to yourself

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As soon as you touch down in Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico's Jalisco state on the Pacific coast, you'll find yourself accosted by offers of "complimentary" tequila shots and greeters trying to sell you timeshares. But Puerto Vallarta was once a very different destination.

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Revisiting the evidence on malaria eradication in the Americas

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  • Two of GiveWell’s fight malaria in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • GiveWell’s valuations of these charities on research by Hoyt Bleakley on the impacts of malaria eradication efforts in the American South in the 1920s and in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico in the 1950s.
  • I reviewed the Bleakley study and mostly support its key findings: the campaigns to eradicate malaria from Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, and perhaps the American South as well, were followed by accelerated income gains for people whose childhood exposure to the disease was reduced. The timing of these events is compatible with the theory that rolling back malaria increased prosperity.

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