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Kelly Clarkson jokes about her weight loss

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During a press conference, Kelly Clarkson was recently asked about how she lost so much weight and she brushed it off with a joke.

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Geltzer and Hartig: The only way to bring justice to ISIS 'Beatles'

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The horrific images of our fellow Americans forced into orange jumpsuits and beheaded by masked terrorists under the desert sun have been seared into our national consciousness. Nothing can bring back to their families the loved ones they've lost.

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Volcano erupts again as Hawaiians struggle with toxic gas and lost income

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Stefani Hinkle doesn't need officials to tell her that her neighborhood is dangerous. She can feel it in her burning throat.

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Rare look at Japan's 'lost' past

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Depicting beauty ideals and traditions, from tattoo-covered samurais to ancient tea ceremonies, "Lost Japan" offers a look inside a rarely-seen period of the country's past.

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Japanese climber dies on eighth Everest attempt

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A Japanese climber who lost nearly all his fingers on Everest has died on his eighth attempt to summit the mountain.

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Diamonds from solar system's 'lost planet'

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When an asteroid fell to Earth in 2008 and landed in Sudan's Nubian Desert, researchers weren't expecting to find diamonds from a lost planet inside.

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'Our future children': Families speak after loss of frozen embryos

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Kate Plants organized a memorial service Saturday near Cleveland to grieve for the eggs and embryos that she and hundreds of others lost in a tragic accident in March.

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Soldier lost her ear in crash. Docs grew new one on her arm

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Shamika Burrage survived a near-fatal car accident two years ago, but not without losing something pretty important: her left ear.

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University fined for lost plutonium

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Idaho State University has been fined after it lost track of a small amount of plutonium 239, a substance used to make nuclear weapons.

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Hezbollah calls Lebanon election gains 'great victory'

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A parliamentary bloc led by Saudi-backed Prime Minister Saad Hariri has lost more than a third of its seats in Sunday's parliamentary elections, the premier said in a live televised address on Monday.

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