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Japan designs robots to be stupid to help make kids smart

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For many people, the future inspires nightmare visions of a "robopocalypse," a time when humans become subjugated by their own creations: robot overlords that possess superior physical and intellectual prowess.

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How to get kids to unplug on family vacation

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When we told our two teens they had to leave their phones at home for an upcoming trip to India, they looked at us as if we were asking them to give up a kidney.

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Cleaner homes make kids overweight

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Multi-surface cleaners and other commonly used household disinfectants could be making children overweight by altering the bacteria found in their guts, a new study published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal suggests.

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Australia is the nicest racist country you will ever see

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Melbourne, Australia has two major newspapers; the Herald-Sun is the Rupert Murdoch one. It is full of sports (Australian rules football), photos of cute kids, shocking crime stories, celebrity gossip, and, if an election is in the offing, relentless right-wing political polemics.

Prince Harry meets kids battling illness

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have honored inspiring children battling serious conditions as they met with the 2018 WellChild Award Winners in London.

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Chinese kindergarten principal fired after kids welcomed with pole dance

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A Chinese kindergarten principal has been fired after she welcomed students back to school at the beginning of term with a pole dancing display.

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UK: 80,000 pose sexual threat to kids online

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UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid will reveal Monday that there are up to 80,000 British pedophiles who pose a sexual threat to children online, the Press Association news agency reported.

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10 kids die in a house fire during a sleepover

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A Chicago house fire killed 10 unaccompanied children who had gathered for a sleepover. Chicago Fire said the cause of the fire had yet to be determined.

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How extracurriculars for kids can make parents miserable

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There are oh-so-many studies and expert opinions evaluating the ways our parenting choices affect our kids and oh-so-few considering how we grown-ups will fare. Read enough of them, and you'll be misled to believe that parents are fixed entities with little capacity to feel or grow.

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Yemen airstrike 'kills 22 kids fleeing bombing'

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Saudi-led coalition airstrikes killed 30 people, including 22 children, in a rebel-held area in northwestern Yemen on Thursday, according to the Houthi-controlled Health Ministry.

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