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Kids want the world's refugees to know something

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The flower was intricately drawn, with each pattern nesting delicately inside another. Pink and white petals sprouted from a blue stem. It stretched across the back of the lined paper next to a smaller, similar flower.

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Guns kill 'nearly 1,300 US kids each year'

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Rambunctious third-graders filled a classroom in Seattle on a crisp autumn day. One of the students dropped his backpack, and horror ensued.

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Why does America have so many hungry kids?

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It was a tender moment Elle Dingman will remember for a long time.

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'Kids thrown from windows' | Residents slam fire alarms | Property management firm statement

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A huge fire has engulfed a 24-story apartment block in West London as hundreds of firefighters attempt to evacuate the building.

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Witness: Saw dead bodies of people who jumped

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Two witnesses to the London apartment tower fire said they witnessed people jumping out of windows, dangling their kids yelling, "please save my children!"

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Gulf crisis threatens to separate Qatari mom from her kids

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In a large villa on the outskirts of Qatar's capital Doha, one family gathers to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, handing out candy and singing songs.

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Is this the way to ensure parents vaccinate their kids

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New legislation in Germany will make it mandatory for all kindergartens to notify the German health authority if parents haven't submitted proof of vaccination counseling for their children.

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Mom locked kids in trunk while she shopped

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A woman is facing child abuse charges after she locked her two children in the trunk of her car while she shopped at a Walmart in Utah, police say.

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Do your kids actually want you to talk to them about sex?

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When Avital Norman Nathman's son was about 3, she says, he freaked out after he walked in on her changing a sanitary pad. So she decided to have an age-appropriate conversation about menstruation with him right then and there.

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'No fruit juice for kids under 1'

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Children should not be given fruit juice before they are 1 year old unless it's advised by a doctor, according to new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics, published Monday in the journal Pediatrics.

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