Thursday, 17 August 2017
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'A touch of danger:' The Japanese fashion tribe keeping rock 'n' roll alive

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Big hair, leather jackets and a touch of danger -- these were photographer Denny Renshaw's first impressions of Japan's "Roller-Zoku" gangs.


'Earthquake-proof' building anchored by a giant curtain of cables

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Located on the most active earthquake belt in the world, the island nation of Japan is constantly shaking, or bracing itself for the next big quake.

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Guam, Japan prepare for possible North Korea missile launch

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North Korean military figures are putting the final touches on a plan to fire four missiles into the waters around the US-territory of Guam, to be presented to leader Kim Jong Un within days.


Your questions about North Korea answered

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What are the chances of a peaceful resolution between US and North Korea? Is a war really imminent? How do people in South Korea and Japan feel about the situation?


Hawaii: First state to prepare for nuclear attack

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Mitsuko Heidtke shakes her head in disbelief after hearing that Hawaii is now the first US state to prepare for the possibility of a nuclear strike by North Korea. She lives on the island of Oahu now, but 72 years ago she was in Hiroshima, Japan.


Intimate shots of Japan's geisha apprentices

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Gaining access into the enigmatic world of Japan's modern-day geishas is no easy task, but award-winning French photographer Philippe Marinig has managed to pull off just that.


US to China: Set rules on South China Sea

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The US, Australia and Japan have promised to continue "freedom of navigation" operations in the South China Sea and called on Beijing to endorse a legally binding code of conduct over the disputed region.


How Japan's 'nature architecture' evolved

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In Japan, the line between nature and the built environment is a blurred one and the country's leading architects are using this concept to create innovative and cutting-edge designs.

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US scrambles amid confusion over North Korea policy

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US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson heads to Asia later this week for a regional meeting on security issues, which is expected to be attended by ministers from North Korea, China, South Korea and Japan.


Can Japan survive without immigrants?

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Demolition worker Yuichi Aoki's face creases up when he thinks about Japan's future.


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