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The Italian prisoners asking to delay their release - for rugby

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They might live behind bars, but rugby has given prisoners in Italy a new-found freedom.

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Rem Koolhaas: 'There's nothing frivolous about fashion'

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At a glance, fashion and architecture are at polar opposites. Fashion is fast. Collections are conceived and created within weeks or months, trends change from season to season. Fashion moves. It shifts on the bodies of models walking fashion week runways, and it travels from factories in China, Turkey and Italy to shops and our high streets around the world.

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Cloudian Acquires Italy's Infinity to Combine File, Object StorageCloudian Acquires Italy's Infinity to Combine File, Object Storage

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Company claims that the result of the acquisition will be storage management that reduces TCO by more than 70 percent when compared with conventional multi-silo NAS (network-attached storage) systems.

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The fascists did scarily well

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Italy's elections may have ended in a political deadlock -- no one party or alliance gained the 40% necessary to have an absolute Parliamentary majority -- but the projected results of the vote signal that sweeping changes are on the horizon, changes that don't bode well for liberal democracy.

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Three reasons why Italy's election matters

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Italians voted in a parliamentary election on Sunday amidst tensions over immigration and Italy's relationship to the EU. Here are three reasons why the election result matters.

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Election has winners and losers, but no clear outcome

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As the dust settles on Italy's national election, there are clear winners and losers, but no clear outcome after a divisive campaign dominated by anti-immigrant rhetoric and promises that will be hard to keep.

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Italy is latest European country to feel populist surge

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Italy's election result is yet another sign of popular resentments -- against conventional politicians, the forces of globalization, immigration and the European "project."

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Rome's sad decline sums up Italy's problems

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Few cities in the world bear the scars of such a tumultuous past as the ancient city of Rome. It has been sacked by the Gauls and the Goths, by the French and the Fascists, with each invader leaving a layer of history that adds to its complexity.

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Maverick populists striking fear into Italy's mainstream parties

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More than 20 parties are in the running in Italy's general election on Sunday, but one shines out as likely to garner the most votes.

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Andrea Mammone: Hatred and xenophobia are on the rise in Italy

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As Italy's election creeps ever closer, it looks increasingly unlikely that any resulting government will be able to slow down the rise of hard-right, anti-EU forces in Italian politics.

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