Friday, 20 July 2018
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Israel launches 'wide-scale attack' against Hamas targets in Gaza

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The Israeli Air Force launched a "wide-scale attack" against Hamas military targets in Gaza on Friday, according to a statement from the Israeli military.

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Israel nation-state law a rallying cry for each side's political base

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Early Thursday morning after what seemed like an all-night shouting match in Israel's Knesset, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strolled out of the parliamentary chamber, thrilled at the passage of the nation-state bill he had championed.

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Why Netanyahu is cozying up to Europe's renegades

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As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bumps heads with Western European leaders over their support for their Iran nuclear deal and their ubiquitous criticism of Israeli settlements, he has found a different set of European allies.

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Why Netanyahu liked what he saw from Trump in Helsinki

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Donald Trump went into his meeting Monday with Vladimir Putin in Finland deeply concerned about national security. It wasn't the security of American citizens, however, but rather those of Israel that the US President appeared to have on his mind.

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Syrians fleeing Assad's forces turned away by Israeli soldiers

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Dozens of Syrians waving white flags and seeking refuge near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights were turned away by Israeli soldiers, according to a local journalist and video from Reuters.

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Israel tightens Gaza restrictions amid heightened tensions

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Israel is tightening restrictions on Gaza amid heightened tensions with militants in the coastal enclave.

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UN urges Israel and Gaza to 'step back from the brink' of war

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The United Nations has issued an urgent appeal for Israel and Gaza "to step back from the brink" of war and revive the reconciliation process, calling for Palestinians to keep protests peaceful and for Israel to show restraint in its response.

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Israel says no ceasefire with Gaza if arson attacks continue

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Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made clear that Israel will now consider arson attacks from Gaza in the same way that it considers launches of rockets and mortars.

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Hamas, Islamic Jihad say ceasefire reached with Israel after day of fighting

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Violence escalated Saturday between militants in Gaza and the Israeli military, with more than 100 projectiles, including rockets and mortars, fired toward Israel in the last 24 hours, Israel Defense Forces said, and the Israeli air force carrying out airstrikes.

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Israelis and Palestinians exchange fire along Gaza border

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Militants in Gaza have fired more than 65 projectiles since early Saturday toward Israel, prompting a series of raids against targets in Gaza by Israeli fighter jets, Israel Defense Forces said.

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