Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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'Years of effort lost in minutes': Kurds who fled Kirkuk still in shock

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When Iraqi government forces seized control of the contested city of Kirkuk on Monday, hundreds of Kurdish families were sent scattering to nearby safe havens.

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Can ISIS ever be eradicated?

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As ISIS continues to lose ground in Iraq and Syria CNN's Nick Paton Walsh explores if they will ever truly be gone.

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US appeals for calm as allies clash in Iraq

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The United States has made an urgent call for calm in northern Iraq as Iraqi forces and Kurdish fighters -- two of Washington's key allies in the region -- clash over disputed territory.

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Kirkuk: A crisis waiting to happen, with consequences for region

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Two armies funded and trained by the United States are now facing off in northern Iraq, a confrontation that could have lasting consequences for the future of the country and the broader Middle East.

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Tensions escalate as Iraqi forces near Kirkuk

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Iraqi forces are approaching the Kurdish-controlled city of Kirkuk, with Iraq's Prime Minister calling on residents in the oil-rich city to cooperate with its security forces.

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Projecting power: Why Iran's influence has spread

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US President Donald Trump may be about to declare that Iran is no longer in compliance with the international nuclear agreement, but the country is on a roll across the Middle East. Iran has great influence in Iraq and Syria, strong relations with Russia and Turkey and its arch-rival, Saudi Arabia, is undergoing a difficult generational transition.

Look what you can buy in Mosul now

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In June 2014, ISIS drove Iraqi forces out of Mosul, and took control of the vibrant city of 2.5 million people located on the River Tigris. It was one of the terror group's most strategic wins.

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Gay couple fell in love during war. Then the death threats started

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Each night, when the guns fell silent in Iraq, Btoo Allami would invite his friend Nayyef Hrebid over for dinner.

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2 gay Iraqi soldiers found love amid war -- then fled to the US

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Each night, when the guns fell silent in Iraq, Btoo Allami would invite his friend Nayyef Hrebid over for dinner.

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Iraq says it retook key city center from ISIS

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Iraqi forces said Thursday they have retaken the city center of Hawija, the last major city held by ISIS in the country.

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