Thursday, 17 August 2017
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Why Data Interconnection Services Are Booming with Increased DemandWhy Data Interconnection Services Are Booming with Increased Demand

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NEWS ANALYSIS: Global Interconnection Index, the first of its kind in the industry, indicates that the capacity for private data exchange among businesses is rapidly outpacing that of the public internet.

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Ten-year-old rape victim gives birth

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A ten-year old rape victim who was denied an abortion has given birth in northern India.


Story behind one of history's greatest mass migrations

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Millions of Indians flee their homes from India to a newly-formed Pakistan, or in the opposite direction.


Saudi Arabia moves to indict some 'radical' Twitter users

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Saudi Arabia has said it will indict a group of "radical" Twitter users charged with "harming the public order," according to a statement on its state news agency website on Sunday.


Partition of India: Remnants of separation

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Artist and oral historian Aaanchal Malhotra documents everyday items that traveled with refugees in both directions -- and the powerful stories behind each one.


Indiana representative: I'm at the doorstep of impeachment

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Rep. Andre Carson (D) says "I'm right at the doorstep of impeachment," regarding any potential involvement by President Trump into Mueller's investigation.


Loaded word of the week: Cosmopolitan

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When I was a child, we had a next-door neighbor, an elderly woman. She spoke only to my mother, who was blonde, green-eyed and Scottish. When my dark-skinned father (who was from the Middle East, but often taken for Indian or Hispanic) would cross her path, she would stare stonily into the distance. It was awkward.


Explore the unexpected beauty of Sri Lanka's mangroves

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Tourism in Sri Lanka -- the tropical island nation just a stone's throw from the tip of southern India -- is on an upswing, thanks to thousands of miles of sugar-sand coastline, lush interiors dotted with tea plantations and the mystique of a place that's still relatively undiscovered.

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More than 3,000 pounds of heroin seized

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More than 3,000 pounds (1,500kg) of heroin was seized by the Indian Coast Guard Sunday, in what authorities claim is among the largest drug busts in recent Indian history.

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Militant leader's death sparks violent protests

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Violent protests have erupted in Indian-administered Kashmir over the killing of a militant leader early Tuesday.


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