Tuesday, 27 June 2017
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Casualties rise as Philippines battles ISIS

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CNN's Ivan Watson gets a first hand look at the toll the Phillippines battle against ISIS is taking on its people.

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Raqqa: Secret video shows ISIS losing grip on its 'capital'

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At first, the video shows a seemingly normal urban life -- men and women shopping in the streets, with steady traffic passing by them.

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Trump misses his own deadline for ISIS news conference

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Monday marks two weeks since President Donald Trump said he would hold a news conference to detail the latest strategy against ISIS in two weeks.

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Government websites in 3 states hacked with ISIS messages

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Government websites in Ohio, Maryland and New York have been hacked with what appears to be pro-ISIS propaganda.

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Only a 'couple of hundred' ISIS fighters left in Mosul

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A "couple of hundred" ISIS fighters still defend the Old City in western Mosul, though it's not clear how many civilians are trapped in the area, a US-led coalition spokesman said.

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The human cost of ISIS in the Philippines

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A look inside a Philippines military hospital that is taking in the wounded who are fighting to counter an ISIS insurgency in the country.

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Qataris rally around their leader amid crisis

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Qataris stand united with their leader amid a worsening diplomatic crisis in the Gulf. CNN's Jomana Karadsheh reports.

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Ohio governor's website hacked with apparent ISIS propaganda

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Ohio Governor John Kasich's website was hacked Sunday, displaying what appeared to be pro-ISIS propaganda.

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ISIS gains foothold in Philippines

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ISIS gains a foothold in the Philippines after taking over the city of Marawi. CNN's Ivan Watson reports.

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Displaced and desperate: 'I will never go back to Marawi'

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Following a shock attack by ISIS-aligned militants which captured the southern Philippines city of Marawi last month, hundreds of thousands of its weary citizens have fled the horror of life under the control of jihadists -- a horror compounded by a relentless campaign of bombing by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

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