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Pro-Syrian forces building up near US troops

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The US-led coalition fighting ISIS has observed pro-Syrian regime forces once again conducting a slow build-up east of the Euphrates River near where US troops are present advising local allies, according to multiple US and coalition officials.

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Jan Egeland and David Miliband: Trump has a unique opportunity to help Yemen crisis

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The Middle East today is poised between multiple wars fueling extremism and a burgeoning younger generation looking for a new start.

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Ford Vox: Trump's opioid plan to kill drug dealers is about vengeance, not solutions

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Vengeance is not a public health policy. But it's implicit in a policy measure coming out of the White House, which would attempt to solve the opioid crisis with a plan that includes sentencing some high-intensity traffickers to death. It may feel good, and for some segment of the population, vengeance may even look good.

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ISIS rebuilding as Turkish offensive distracts from anti-terror fight, US says

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The US warned Monday that ISIS has begun reconstituting in some areas of Syria because a Turkish military offensive against a northern city has pulled the US' Kurdish allies away from the fight against the terrorist group.

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Nasty week looms ahead with Trump unleashed

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Donald Trump's weekend of assaults on Robert Mueller's investigation pushed Washington closer than ever to the major crisis of governance that could ensue if the President were to act on his fury and fire the special counsel.

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Opinion: Syria crisis snowballs -- and where is Trump?

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Perhaps you didn't hear that, a few weeks ago, Americans were involved in a fierce battle in Syria involving, among others, Russians contractors and American forces. Many of the Russians -- the exact number is unknown -- were killed after a force made up of hundreds of Russian contractors and a militia allied with the Syrian regime attacked the Americans and their allies. When the US side came under fire, it responded with airstrikes, killing the Russians.

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Opinion: Why Trump is right to purge his Cabinet

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Having sacked Rex Tillerson as secretary of state, President Donald Trump has signaled that other heads could be meant for the guillotine. Perhaps as many as nine. Cabinet massacres of that scale are usually a sign of instability, even failing leadership. It wasn't Jimmy Carter's Crisis of Confidence speech in 1979 that destroyed his credibility so much as the mass Cabinet firing that followed it.

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US military reveals new firefight in Niger

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The US military revealed for the first time Wednesday that US troops were involved in a firefight in Niger in December, just months after a Green Beret-led team was ambushed by ISIS militants in October, an attack that left four US soldiers dead.

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FBI investigated teen held in killing for ISIS interest

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A Florida teenager accused of stabbing three people -- allegedly because two of them ridiculed his Muslim faith -- and who was the subject of an FBI-led investigation over his alleged activities on social media relating to terrorism, was about to be arrested on federal charges, local police reports show.

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Battling Bolivia's sexual abuse crisis

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Editor's Note: CNN is committed to covering gender inequality wherever it occurs in the world. This story is part of As Equals, a year-long series.

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