Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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US investigating deadly Niger ambush and confusion that followed

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The Defense Department is conducting an initial review of the mission in Niger and the ambush by 50 ISIS-affiliated fighters that left four US soldiers dead and two wounded.

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What comes next for the devastated city -- and for ISIS

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US-backed forces in Raqqa said Tuesday that major military operations against ISIS had ended as they worked to clear out the remnants of sleeper cells and mines in the ruins of the Syrian city.

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Raqqa drone video shows ISIS execution square

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This exclusive drone footage shows empty streets and destroyed buildings in Raqqa, a city on the brink of being liberated from ISIS.

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Can ISIS ever be eradicated?

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As ISIS continues to lose ground in Iraq and Syria CNN's Nick Paton Walsh explores if they will ever truly be gone.

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ISIS routed in Raqqa as 'major military operations' declared over

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US-backed forces fighting ISIS in Raqqa say "major military operations" in the city have ended and that the jihadists have lost their grip on their self-declared capital.

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Marawi liberated after 5-month siege, Duterte says

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The Philippines city of Marawi has been liberated from ISIS-affiliated militants following a five-month standoff, President Rodrigo Duterte announced Tuesday, according to CNN Philippines.

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ISIS gone, but Mosul can never be the same

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A few days ago, Mahmoud Saeed boarded a plane for a trip that is sure to be filled with trepidation.

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US launches first airstrike against ISIS in Yemen

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US forces conducted airstrikes against two ISIS training camps in Yemen on Monday, killing dozens of ISIS fighters and "disrupting the organization's attempts to train new fighters," according to a statement released by the Pentagon.

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Kirkuk: A crisis waiting to happen, with consequences for region

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Two armies funded and trained by the United States are now facing off in northern Iraq, a confrontation that could have lasting consequences for the future of the country and the broader Middle East.

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Call for probe into Trump's hurricane response

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Rep. Richard Blumenthal (D - CT) says he believes the rhetoric of Donald Trump in reference to the crisis in Puerto Rico reflects "mission abandoned, not mission accomplished."

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