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Changing nations to beat old team

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When Christa Deguchi switched allegiances from Japan to Canada, she renounced the most successful nation in the history of her sport in favor of one that has never won an Olympic gold medal.

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Zambian female boxer takes on world

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Catherine Phiri, 32, is currently Zambia's fiercest boxer -- and she has the accolades to show it. Phiri was the first African woman to win a prestigious World Boxing Council Gold title in 2016.

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How to find a 300-year-old shipwreck with $17 billion in treasure

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For decades, researchers and governments have searched for a Spanish ship that sank more than 300 years ago, carrying gold and silver worth $17 billion today.

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Couple finds buried treasure in backyard

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A New York couple came across a safe containing cash, gold and jewelry buried in their backyard, but what they did next is truly remarkable.

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Wedding bands: Markle's ring made of Welsh gold

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Meghan Markle's ring has been made from a piece of Welsh gold gifted to her by the Queen, and Prince Harry's will be a platinum band with a textured finish, CNN understands.

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History of white wedding dresses

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Imagine Meghan Markle standing before her dress the night before her wedding, considering. Instead of a white column of lace or a dramatic froth of translucent charmeuse, she touches the sleeve of a russet red gown, trimmed with mink and gold-embroidered, the skirt heavy with heirloom jewels. This is the dress she'll wear down the aisle.

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Couple finds safe full of cash, gold and jewelry buried in yard

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For years Matthew and Maria Colonna Emmanuel thought a piece of rusty metal behind some trees in their backyard was just part of a cable or electrical box.

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Vintage posters from travel's golden age

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Sure, aviation can still be a lavish affair -- but it'll never be the same as when you could slide your window open and throw your French cigarette out the window.

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24-karat diet: Dubai's appetite for gold

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Gold is still big business in Dubai, despite reports of a 20-year low in demand for gold jewelry in the UAE. According to the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, the emirate has cornered approximately 25% of global trade in the precious metal.

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24K gold chicken wings are a thing in NYC

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Twenty-four karat gold is normally something associated with jewelry -- until now. New York City restaurant The Ainsworth partnered with Jonathan "Foodgōd" Cheban on the ultimate high-low menu item, 24K gold chicken wings.

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