Friday, 15 December 2017
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Plane draws one-of-a-kind Christmas tree in sky

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An Airbus plane out of Hamburg, Germany, took a particularly festive flight on Wednesday, mapping out an intricate Christmas tree over the country that could be clearly seen on flight radar sites.

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When kids get their first cell phones around the world

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Sara Zaske's daughter, Sophia, rarely showed much interest in having her own cell phone -- that is, until they moved back to the United States from Germany.


Obama invokes Nazi Germany in warning about today's politics

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Former President Barack Obama urged voters this week to stay engaged in democracy, warning that complacency was responsible for the rise of Nazi Germany.

IT Science Case Study: How Deutsche Börse Tamed Data Prep CostsIT Science Case Study: How Deutsche Börse Tamed Data Prep Costs

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German company gets help for data ingestion, cleansing and preparation to allow its data science team to more efficiently spend its time on generating insights and analytics rather than formatting tables.

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Device defused near Berlin Christmas market

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German police defused what they say was an improvised explosive device (IED) that prompted the evacuation of a Christmas market Friday on the outskirts of Berlin, according to the official police Twitter account.


Europe will pay a high price for Germany's paralysis

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Germany's current political limbo is not a tragedy for Germany. Its stale democracy could use a good shaking up, which is exactly what's been happening since the national vote in September. Germans are once again talking politics and hashing out political differences.

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Pro-refugee mayor stabbed in kebab shop

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A German politician well known for his pro-refugee policies was stabbed in the neck at a kebab shop Monday evening.

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Can Germany break post-election deadlock?

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Germany's Social Democrats will meet next week with Chancellor Angela Merkel's alliance in a bid to break the country's post-election political deadlock, President Frank-Walter Steinmeier announced Friday morning.


Holocaust memorial built outside far-right politician's home

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Political activists built a replica of Berlin's Holocaust Memorial outside the home of a far-right German politician to protest his call for Germany to stop feeling guilty about Nazi atrocities.


6 held in suspected German Christmas market terror plot

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A possible terror plot on a Christmas market in Germany was uncovered Tuesday after six Syrian nationals were detained in raids by police, a German intelligence official told CNN.

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