Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Pique ready to quit Spain national side over Catalonia referendum

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Gerard Pique has played hundreds of games for Barcelona, but Sunday's 3-0 victory over Las Palmas was the "worst professional experience" he's had, according to the defender, who was born in the Catalan city.

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Fact vs. fiction: the US national anthem in sports

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In America, the game doesn't start until the national anthem plays. It's not a mandate, it's just a fact, as culturally ingrained as team colors and touchdown cheers.

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Iconic Viking grave belonged to a female warrior

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When an impressive Viking grave containing weapons, horses and even a board game was excavated in the 1880s, it was simply assumed that the skeleton belonged to a man.

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'Game of Thrones' finale raced while 'Twin Peaks' crawls

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In the Monday-morning quarterbacking that followed the "Game of Thrones" finale, a frequent criticism has been that the seventh season moved too fast as it sped toward revealing Jon Snow's lineage and paving the way for the conclusive battles to come.

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'Game of Thrones' faces attack from nitpickers

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The late "Get Smart" producer Leonard Stern famously compiled "A Martian Wouldn't Say That," a book of actual notes from network executives to TV writers. The title came from a request to change a line in the series "My Favorite Martian," but it has come to mind of late reading some of the nitpicking about "Game of Thrones."

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Game Developers Warned of Remote Vulnerability in UnityGame Developers Warned of Remote Vulnerability in Unity

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The popular Unity game platform is vulnerable to remote compromise due to a flaw in the Windows game editor, the company says as it releases a critical patch.

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'Game of Thrones' actor: Winter is coming

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In "Game of Thrones" -- the television show in which I play fictional knight Jaime Lannister -- one of the many stunning visual images on regular display is an overwhelmingly massive wall of ice. I know all too well that, were "Game of Thrones" a nonfiction world, that wall of ice would be seriously imperiled by climate change.

Google Engineer Fired Over Diversity 'Manifesto' Threatens LawsuitGoogle Engineer Fired Over Diversity 'Manifesto' Threatens Lawsuit

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DAILY VIDEO: An engineer fired over his diversity "manifesto" threatens to sue Google; the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active smartphone will be available at AT&T on Aug. 11; Intel readies Core-X desktop chips aimed at gamers and content creators; and there's more.

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Intel Readies Core-X Desktop Chips Aimed at Gamers, Content CreatorsIntel Readies Core-X Desktop Chips Aimed at Gamers, Content Creators

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The chip maker is promising 20 to 30 percent performance improvement for VR content creation, 4K video editing and gaming as it looks to push back at AMD's Ryzen challenge.

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What 'Game of Thrones' tells us about trauma

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The moment is different for everyone.

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