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Apple iPhone X Delay Rumors Swirl Due to Component IssuesApple iPhone X Delay Rumors Swirl Due to Component Issues

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The iPhone X is facing production delays due to problems in manufacturing the 3D sensors used for facial recognition, reports say.

From: www.eweek.com

Oppo F3 Plus Selfie Expert Launched With Dual Selfie Cameras, Full Specifications

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Oppo F3 Plus smartphone with dual Selfie-Cameras, Selfie Panoroma, Screen flash, Smart Facial Recognition and Palm Shutter, goes official.

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Chinese park installs facial recognition to stop toilet paper thieves

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It seems like the pettiest of powder room problems, but apparently toilet paper theft has gotten so bad at the Temple of Heaven Park in Beijing, authorities have installed facial recognition software in the stalls.

From: www.cnn.com

iPhone 8 Features, Specs, Price, Release: 3-D Camera, Facial Recognition System, Wireless Charging, & More

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Fans are eagerly waiting for the next generation iPhone - iPhone 8. Since it is the tenth anniversary of the Apple iPhone, a revolutionary device with outstanding features is expected from Apple.

From: www.sportsworldnews.com

Benefit Cosmetics's Scientific New Brow Translator Is Like a Fortune Teller For Your Face

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Whether you're into the bold Instagram brow or take a softer approach to your arches, you've likely come to realize the important role brows play on your face. Every little waggle, lift, or furrow is an indication of expression and mood.
The team at Benefit Cosmetics (which has been helping makeup-lovers enhance their arches for years) knows this well. In order to pay homage to the fabulous feature - and show how fun they can be - the brand has partnered with an expert who has studied the role of brows in facial recognition for a cool new game. , professor of neuroscience at the University of Lethbridge in Canada, worked with Benefit to develop the , which defines how brow shapes and movements decode our feelings.
A new custom website uses facial recognition software to "read" your arches, evaluating them for emotions from happy or seductive to "meh" or angry. Simply take a selfie and watch as the translator deciphers your brows, pairing their mood with a fun little thought bubble. (My "happy" brows said, "When you take off all your makeup and bae still says you're cute . . .") Once you have your results, you can share them on social media with the hashtag #benefitbrows.
Not only is it a totally adorable concept, but the site is also a fantastic way to procrastinate during that afternoon slump. Read on to see an example of how the Brow Translator works, then head to the to see what your arches are trying to tell you.

From: www.popsugar.com

Apple iPhone 8/iPhone X To Have Facial Recognition, 5.8-inch Edge-To-Edge Screen And 15-Foot Wireless Fast Charging Feature.

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Apple iPhone or iPhone X is predicted to have Touch ID built into the display and will be joined by new a security feature: facial recognition, improved 3D Touch features, a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge screen with stainless steel chassis, and 15-foot wireless fast charging.

From: www.sportsworldnews.com

Facebook buys facial recognition tech startup FacioMetrics

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Facebook on Wednesday said that it has bought facial recognition startup FacioMetrics, potentially using the technology for photo or video effects to better challenge rival Snapchat.

From: zeenews.india.com


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