Friday, 15 December 2017
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N Korea tension exposes rift between US aides

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A dispute over North Korea has once again laid bare the apparent rift between the White House and the top US diplomat, leading to behind-the-scenes scrambling this week by aides meant to avoid mixed signals about the world's tensest standoff.


UN urges Libya to take 'urgent action' over human slavery

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The United Nations urged Libya to "take urgent action" to end the trade in enslaved people, a practice exposed by CNN's exclusive reporting that showed human slave auctions in the country.

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1.7M Accounts Breached in Imgur Attack that Occurred in 20141.7M Accounts Breached in Imgur Attack that Occurred in 2014

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Popular social media image hosting service was alerted on Thanksgiving that the site was breached back in 2014, exposing millions of users accounts.


'Where is the world?': Libya responds to slave sales outrage

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Libyan officials have denounced the migrant slave auctions exposed in a CNN investigation, but claim more support is required from the global community to tackle the issue.

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How to make #MeToo stick this time

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I am having a serious case of déjà vu. Every day, when I switch on my computer, I, like everyone else, am hit by yet another exposé of a powerful male celebrity, industry leader or politician allegedly sexually harassing and assaulting women; and along with it, another slew of heartbreaking stories from the #MeToo movement.


Lawmakers say sexual harassers serving in Congress

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Two female House lawmakers on Tuesday accused sitting male lawmakers of sexual harassment and misconduct, including an allegation that a male lawmaker exposed his genitals to a female staffer.


Actor living in fear as he tries to expose industry's pedophilia

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As Hollywood grapples with accusations of sexual harassment and abuse, actor Corey Feldman says he's living in fear as he tries to expose pedophilia in the industry.


Ex-Trump adviser Flynn worries about his son's legal exposure

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Former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn has expressed concern about the potential legal exposure of his son, Michael Flynn Jr., who, like his father, is under scrutiny by special counsel Robert Mueller, multiple sources familiar with the matter tell CNN.


'Expose Your Pig' hashtag unites women

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The Expose Your Pig hashtag in France has many women going to the streets and taking action against harassment. CNN's Melissa Bell reports.


Ronan Farrow on 'Weinstein effect': 'A seismic shift in the culture'

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Journalist Ronan Farrow, who wrote the damning New Yorker expose that detailed multiple allegations of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein, said Saturday that by speaking out, the film mogul's alleged victims had caused a "seismic change in culture in real time."


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