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Google Clarifies Polices About App Developer Access to Gmail ContentGoogle Clarifies Polices About App Developer Access to Gmail Content

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A recent Wall Street Journal report claims that Google does little to police developers, the Journal said citing interviews with more than two-dozen current and former employees of email application developers.


South Korea cuts work week maximum

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South Korea has lowered its maximum working hours from 68 hours a week to 52 hours. The legislation, which went into effect Sunday, received overwhelming support in the National Assembly in an effort to limit the time employees spend on the job..

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Intel CEO Krzanich Resigns Over Inappropriate Employee RelationshipIntel CEO Krzanich Resigns Over Inappropriate Employee Relationship

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DAILY VIDEO: Intel's CEO resigns, admitting to an inappropriate employee relationship, and Teradata sues SAP for copyright infringement in HANA DB.


Why Employee Activation Is the Future of Marketing

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What if your organization was staffed by a team of experts – employees who are skilled, driven, and have a lot to offer, not only to your customers but also to society? Imagine what a powerhouse your company would become. We’re not just talking consumer trust here. This is about respect and your audience fostering [...]

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Intel CEO Resigns, Admits Inappropriate Employee RelationshipIntel CEO Resigns, Admits Inappropriate Employee Relationship

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Board appoints CFO Robert Swan as interim chief executive while the company begins its search for a permanent CEO.

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5 Ways Employee Advocacy Strengthens Collaboration & Communications at Your Company

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Businesses invest in employee advocacy to expand the reach of their brands on social media, increase employee engagement, and generate new leads. When employees use their personal social networks to promote and publicize their company on social media they help to drive brand awareness, improve the brand image, build a loyal audience, and drive traffic [...]

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What Is Employee Activation?

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Want to run a more effective organization? Employee activation is the key to driving your business into the future with the resilience required to move further into the post-digital era. When your employees are activated, they are engaged, more productive, and will help to establish your business as a trustworthy, authentic brand with whom your [...]

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Lack of Agility, Vision Leaves Workers Unprepared for Digital ShiftsLack of Agility, Vision Leaves Workers Unprepared for Digital Shifts

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Digitally “maturing” companies do a much better job of preparing employees for digital changes—while empowering them to drive strategies.


Jesse Williams and Judith Browne Dianis: Starbucks' incident proves 'Whites Only' spaces still exist

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For a few hours on Tuesday, thousands of Americans will suffer. They will be without their morning jolt, afternoon pick-me-up and end of day treat from corporate giant Starbucks coffee. People around the country will find the doors of about 8,000 Starbucks stores locked as its employees receive racial bias training. The exercise is an effort to save face after some bad press, resulting from a Philadelphia Starbucks' criminalization of two black men who were only doing what so many others do: hanging out in Starbucks.

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Employees Using More Networks for Remote Access of Apps, Duo FindsEmployees Using More Networks for Remote Access of Apps, Duo Finds

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The 2018 Duo Trusted Access Report found that enterprise end users are using more unique networks to access apps but are using out-of-date Android mobile devices. Windows 10 adoption, however, is growing on the desktop.


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