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How Great Recession impacted health

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The Great Recession of the early 21st century was a period of global economic decline marked by high unemployment and stagnant wages.

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Opinion: Trump trade war would ruin US

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What Donald Trump clearly cannot see through the prism of his own warped ideology is that the US is so far behind in its trade imbalance with the world that no matter how many tariffs he imposes, the retaliation will only leave it deeper in the hole with a damaged economy.

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Why horses are such big business in Qatar

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Centuries before Qatar became one of the world's fastest-growing economies, it was known for its prized Arabians horses.

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#eWEEKchat Feb. 14: App Economy or API Economy: Which Will Prevail?#eWEEKchat Feb. 14: App Economy or API Economy: Which Will Prevail?

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Please join us Feb. 14 for a timely #eWEEKchat about new-generation application and platform development.

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A smile will improve your run, research finds

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For athletes of all levels, endurance -- how long they can keep going at their chosen sport -- is made up of physiological and psychological factors. Physiological factors include cardiovascular fitness, and how efficient an athlete is at using energy (their "movement economy"). A critical psychological factor, on the other hand, is perceived effort, or how hard we feel we are working during an activity. The lower our perceived effort, the easier we feel that an activity is.

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N Korea is winning the Olympics - and it's not because of sports

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The last time South Korea hosted an Olympic Games, the North went so far in its attempt to best the attention Seoul was getting that it drove its economy into perdition and its people into starvation.


Trump brags about economy as Dow plummets

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Host of "The Late Show" Stephen Colbert riffs on President Donald Trump's touting of job growth during a speech in a Ohio as the stock market plunged.


Liberian President George Weah cuts salary to confront 'broken economy'

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In one of his first acts as President of Liberia, George Weah announced he will cut his salary by 25% as part of an effort to confront his country's "broken economy."


Trump lands in Davos, abroad again while Russia looms at home

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High in the Swiss Alps, President Donald Trump plans to crow this week that his protectionist policies have helped drive a resurgent American economy. His message will resonate far beyond the snow-blanketed valleys below.


Igloo an unlikely symbol for Davos issues

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CNN's Richard Quest builds an igloo to demonstrate the fractured issues facing the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.


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