Friday, 15 December 2017
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China or the US? Australia's tricky balancing act

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In its newest foreign policy announcement, the Australian government is confronting the reality that the pocket of the world it lives in is rapidly changing, and that it has to keep two very different partners happy if it wants to keep its surrounding waters calm, and its economy strong.


Zuora Research Shows Major Growth in 'Subscription Economy' Zuora Research Shows Major Growth in 'Subscription Economy'

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This index reflects the growth metrics of hundreds of companies around the world and spans a number of industries including SaaS, media, telecommunications, and corporate services.

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How Mugabe destroyed Zimbabwe's economy

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Mugabe's Fast Track Land Reform crippled Zimbabwe's economy, which was once considered the breadbasket of Africa.


Majority of Indians happy with PM Modi and economy, but there's a catch

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Nearly nine out of 10 Indians are happy with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while eight in 10 are happy with the state of the economy, according to a new poll.


Bernie Sanders: We must end global oligarchy

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One of the major, untold stories of our time is the rapid movement toward global oligarchy, in which just a handful of billionaires now own and control a significant part of the world economy.


Sanctions are hurting North Korea, Tillerson says

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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Thursday that the US and China are seeing "certain signs" that international sanctions imposed against North Korea are beginning to impact the country's economy.


Trump turns to trade, economy in Tokyo

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Waking in Asia at the start of his marathon diplomatic tour, President Donald Trump confronted another mass shooting back home, a tragedy that's likely to overshadow his forceful calls for cooperation on North Korea and better trade terms with Asian nations.


Ivanka Trump to tout 'womenomics' in Japan

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Ivanka Trump has arrived in Tokyo for a very brief trip to speak about women's participation in the economy at the World Assembly of Women, an annual conference sponsored by the Japanese government.


How real is the Saudi crown prince's modernization push?

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Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia's young crown prince, has made headlines across the world after promising the kingdom will return to a "moderate" form of Islam. He also guaranteed a brighter future for his people, as he promoted modernization plans to wean the country off oil, attract foreign investment and diversify the economy.


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