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... and why Trump won't attend

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President Donald Trump will not attend Saturday's funeral service for former first lady Barbara Bush, the White House said in a statement Thursday, citing the desire to "avoid disruptions" and out of respect for her family and friends.

CNN anchor: Trump spent the night in Moscow

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CNN's Anderson Cooper lays out a timeline that shows evidence of Donald Trump spending at least one night in Moscow in 2013, despite claims that he did not.

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Former lawyer for Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal cooperating with Cohen probe

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Keith Davidson, the lawyer at the center of agreements with two women paid to keep silent about alleged affairs from more than a decade ago with Donald Trump, is cooperating with the probe into the President's personal lawyer Michael Cohen, Davidson's spokesman said Friday.

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Trump uses Comey memos to try to discredit Mueller investigation

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President Donald Trump questioned the basis of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation in a tweet early Saturday morning, alleging that the probe started after former FBI Director James Comey "illegally leaked classified" information.

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Trump legal team brings fresh firepower to reset with Mueller

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President Donald Trump, stung by reports that he couldn't attract top-notch lawyers, personally pushed for former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani to add a dose of star power to his bare-bones legal team, according to sources familiar with the situation.

Errol Louis: Giuliani is the guy you call as a last resort

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Bringing Rudy Giuliani on to President Donald Trump's legal team all but guarantees the White House circus becomes a three-ring affair.

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Here's what we do know about Trump's wealth

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Before he was President, Donald Trump deceived a Forbes reporter about his personal wealth in the 1980s in order to make it onto the magazine's Forbes 400 list, according to a new allegation by the reporter.

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Comey memos release backfires on Republicans

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If House Republicans thought they were helping President Donald Trump by forcing the release of James Comey's memos, they might want to think again.

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James Comey's unforgivable error

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At the end of an interview with CNN Thursday afternoon, former FBI Director James Comey was asked by Jake Tapper about his unusual place in American politics as a man equally "reviled" by partisans of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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Ex-Giuliani aide: Trump has 'stink of guilt' over him

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Commenting on the release of James Comey's memos, former Rudy Giuliani aide Rick Wilson mocks President Donald Trump for his remarks about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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