Thursday, 29 June 2017
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How one typo helped let Russian hackers in

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The email that would help Democrats lose the 2016 presidential election arrived on March 19, 2016, signed -- seemingly harmlessly -- "Best, the Gmail team."


From Cantopop queen to democracy fighter

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In 1997, as sovereignty over Hong Kong passed from the UK to China, Denise Ho didn't care about politics.


Twitter diplomacy? Meet the world leaders with largest followers

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They are the leaders of the world's biggest democracies.

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Trump: Clinton, Dems colluded against Sanders

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President Donald Trump lashed out at Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party in a tweet Sunday morning, saying the former secretary of state "colluded" with the party in the presidential primary to defeat Sen. Bernie Sanders. CNN's Ryan Nobles reports.

Special elections show Trump could win in 2020

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As President Donald Trump celebrated Republican victories in two special congressional elections on Wednesday, one man who advised presidents from both parties warned the results "should be a wake-up call for Democrats" that Trump could be on his way to re-election in 2020.

Democrats suffer 4-0 loss to Republicans in special elections

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Democrats tried an inoffensive moderate message in Georgia. They ran a banjo-strumming populist in Montana. They called in the cavalry in South Carolina and tried to catch their foe sleeping through a long-shot in Kansas.

In Georgia, close isn't nearly good enough for Democrats

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Winning isn't everything in politics. It's the only thing.


Rep. Swalwell: 'It looks like we are at war in Syria'

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A Democratic congressman said Tuesday that recent military actions make it look like the United States is at war with Syria.


Obama's voice used out of context in ad

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An outside group that supports President Donald Trump is running a radio ad in Atlanta ahead of Georgia's special election Tuesday that takes the voice of former President Barack Obama out of context to make the argument that Democrats take black voters for granted.

Syrian warplane shot down by US-led coalition

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A Syrian warplane was shot down over Raqqa by the United States-led coalition after a Syrian regime SU-22 dropped bombs near Syrian Democratic Force, or SDF, fighters, according to a statement by the US-led coalition.


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