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Security Lessons to Learn From Tactics of Indicted Russian HackersSecurity Lessons to Learn From Tactics of Indicted Russian Hackers

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NEWS ANALYSIS: The Russian hacking attack on the Democratic Party was state sponsored cyber-crime, according to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but there are security lessons to be learned from mistakes made by Democratic Party officials as well as the hackers.


John Avlon: Trump is no longer leader of the free world

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Since the Second World War -- spanning 14 US presidents, Republican and Democratic -- the occupant of the Oval Office has been referred to as "the leader of the free world." Until now.

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David A. Andelman: Global move from democracy to autocracy

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The cover of the last issue of the leading German news magazine, Der Spiegel, was a vivid illustration, indicative of one view of Donald Trump that seems to be growing. It showed a beaming Trump surrounded by Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Xi Jinping and Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the headline "Ich bin das volk," followed by, "Das zeitalter der autokratenz" -- "I am the people: The age of the autocrats."

A day after indictments against Russians for election meddling, the President criticizes Obama, not Russia

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said President Donald Trump should proceed with his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday even as the political fallout continues over the indictments of 12 Russian military intelligence officers for hacking into Democrats' computer networks and emails during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Despite bombshell, Trump-Putin show will go on

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It is tough to believe that any President other than Donald Trump would hold a summit with Russia days after special counsel Robert Mueller delivered a sensational indictment that accuses the Kremlin of a deeply penetrating attack on American democracy.

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Trump's disdain for NATO could help Putin

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The big takeaway of the so far bad-tempered NATO summit is that President Donald Trump has little time for the alliance and a thin appreciation of the track record and historic purpose of an organization that has kept the peace and preserved Western democracy since World War II.

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US candidate: 'Outside of Western civilization, there is only barbarism'

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A Republican congressional candidate in a Kansas race Democrats are targeting in November told an audience at a party meeting this month that "outside of Western civilization there is only barbarism."

Trump's midterm message gets spark from progressive rhetoric

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The rest of the political world is easing down for the July Fourth holiday, but President Donald Trump is in the middle of a midterm election preview, juicing his political base and baiting Democrats as "radical" leftists who are soft on crime and immigration.

Democrats are about to fight like crazy

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In these hyperbolic times, it's easy to fall into overstatement. Somehow, the farm-to-table dining preferences of Sarah Huckabee Sanders or the subliminal, sartorial messages of the first lady have become the subject of breathless debate. Cotton-candy controversies swirl for a moment and then disappear.

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Julian Zelizer: Democrats badly underestimated Trump

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President Trump has proven to be far more formidable in changing US politics and policy than his Democratic critics had imagined, writes Julian Zelizer

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