Thursday, 17 August 2017
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US embassy employees in Cuba possibly subject to 'acoustic attack'

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The US believes several State Department employees at the US embassy in Havana were subjected to an "acoustic attack" using sonic devices that left at least two with such serious health problems they needed to be brought back to the US for treatment, several senior State Department officials told CNN.


Cuba to Trump: Don't lecture us

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Responding to President Donald Trump's announcement Friday that he is reversing the Obama administration's steps to normalize relations with Cuba, the Castro government said the US is in no "condition to lecture us."


Trump pulls back Obama's outreach to Cuba

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President Donald Trump slammed former President Barack Obama's dealings with the communist regime in Cuba on Friday in Miami, charting his own course of more confrontational relations with the Castro-led government.

Cuba-US relations: 6 key things you need to know

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President Donald Trump is set to announce Friday, before an audience of anti-Castro Cuban exiles in Miami, that he is rolling back parts of the Obama administration's opening with Cuba.


Separating GiveWell and the Open Philanthropy Project

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GiveWell has been planning to separate the Open Philanthropy Project from GiveWell for . We’re happy to announce that as of June 1, GiveWell and the Open Philanthropy Project are separate organizations. GiveWell sold assets and transferred staff to the Open Philanthropy Project LLC, an entity created for the purpose of potentially acquiring the Open Philanthropy Project’s assets and continuing its operations. (Read more about the Open Philanthropy Project LLC .) The transaction was unanimously approved by GiveWell’s non-conflicted Board members.
We do not expect this change to impact most of GiveWell's donors. We’re proud to have incubated the Open Philanthropy Project as part of GiveWell and are excited to see what it achieves as an independent organization.


Docker Aims to Improve Linux Kernel Security with LinuxKitDocker Aims to Improve Linux Kernel Security with LinuxKit

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LinuxKit project is now incubating several technologies to advance Linux security including the Wireguard VPN and Landlock security efforts.

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Why GiveWell is partnering with IDinsight

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This post will highlight GiveWell's work with IDinsight, part of our Incubation Grants program to help grow the pipeline of potential future top charities and improve the quality of GiveWell's recommendations. We previously highlighted the work of No Lean Season and Zusha!, Incubation Grant recipients and potential 2017 GiveWell top charities. Unlike these organizations, we...

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Google Global Cache Service Goes Live in CubaGoogle Global Cache Service Goes Live in Cuba

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DAILY VIDEO: Google starts internet caching service as first foreign ISP in Cuba; SAP Next-Gen banks on NYC ingenuity for innovation in IT; Verizon data breach investigations report reveals ransomware surge; and there's more.


8 die in plane crash, Cuban military says

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A plane carrying eight members of the Cuban military crashed Saturday morning in a mountainous part of the island, the military said through state media. Everyone on board was killed, the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces announced, according to Granma.

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Google Starts Internet Caching Service as First Foreign ISP in CubaGoogle Starts Internet Caching Service as First Foreign ISP in Cuba

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Internet users in Cuban will now have faster access to YouTube and other web popular content after Google starts operations as the first foreign ISP hosting content in Cuba.


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