Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Researchers Reveal Critical KRACK Flaws in WPA WiFi SecurityResearchers Reveal Critical KRACK Flaws in WPA WiFi Security

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Widely used WPA2 protocol for WiFi security is revealed by researchers to be at risk from a form of replay attack that could leave hundreds of millions of devices vulnerable to attack.

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HP Lone PC Maker to Defy Worldwide PC Sales Slowdown in Third QuarterHP Lone PC Maker to Defy Worldwide PC Sales Slowdown in Third Quarter

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Market researchers IDC and Gartner both reported that PC sales continue their multi-year decline in the 2017 third quarter, with HP the only PC maker to report an increase in sales.

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Impossible objects emerge from Mexican jungle

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Walking among the concrete structures sprawled throughout the steamy La Huasteca rainforest, there is a sense that you've stepped into an Escher painting: a world of impossible objects that baffle and elude the mind.

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Microsoft Call on Researchers to Use AI to Save Earth's OceansMicrosoft Call on Researchers to Use AI to Save Earth's Oceans

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The company is awarding cloud computing and artificial intelligence resources to environmental researchers confronting the challenges faced by the world's oceans.

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Disco, debauchery in Studio 54

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At '70s hotspot Studio 54, sex, celebrity and open drug-use worked in tandem to create a hedonistic nightlife playground that hasn't been replicated since.

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Farm grows, harvests crop without people

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A farm in the United Kingdom is the first in the world to successfully plant, tend and harvest a crop without a single person ever setting foot in the field, according to researchers and developers involved in the project.

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From: www.cnn.com

Who are the world's most valued teachers?

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All over the world, proud parents drop their children at the gates of schools, dreaming about what they might accomplish after years of study and homework. They entrust teachers with the duty of nurturing their development and opening their eyes to a world of possibilities. It's a huge responsibility -- but is that responsibility reflected in their social status and pay?

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Google Reveals Critical Flaws In Dnsmasq Software PackagesGoogle Reveals Critical Flaws In Dnsmasq Software Packages

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Researchers discovered seven unique vulnerabilities in the open-source Dnsmasq software, impacting hundreds of millions of Android phones and other devices.

From: www.eweek.com

Meet 'vika': New 2-pound rat discovered

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After years of searching, researchers have confirmed the discovery a new mammal in the Solomon Islands: an endangered giant tree rat known as "vika" by the locals. But they were only able to locate one.

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How Myanmar's Buddhists really feel about Rohingya

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One public servant skipped work. A butcher shut up her store for the day. A noodle seller watched on his phone.

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