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Roman Abramovich granted Israeli citizenship, reports say

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Chelsea Football Club owner and high-profile Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich has been granted Israeli citizenship, according to Israeli media.

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UK delays Russian oligarch Abramovich's visa

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Roman Abramovich, one of the world's highest-profile Russian oligarchs and owner of the London soccer club Chelsea, is facing a longer than expected delay in renewing his UK visa.

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Chelsea beats Man Utd in FA Cup final to salvage disappointing season

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Chelsea won its second trophy under "serial winner" Antonio Conte as an Eden Hazard penalty was enough to secure the FA Cup against Manchester United at Wembley Saturday.

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Review of our research in 2017

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This is the first of three posts that form our annual review and plan for the following year. This post reviews and evaluates last year’s progress on our work of finding and recommending evidence-based, thoroughly-vetted charities that serve the global poor. The following two posts will cover (i) our plans for GiveWell’s research in 2018 and (ii) GiveWell's progress and plans as an organization. We aim to release our metrics on our influence on donations in 2017 by the end of June 2018. Summary
We believe that 2017 was a successful year for GiveWell’s research. We met our five primary goals for the year, as articulated in our from the beginning of the year:
Our primary research goals for 2017 are to:
  1. Speed up our output of new , by hiring a and by improving our process for reviewing interventions at a shallow level.
  2. Increase the number of promising charities that apply for our recommendation. Alternatively, we may learn why we have relatively few strong applicants and decide whether to change our process as a result. Research Analyst Chelsea Tabart will spend most of her time on this project.
  3. Through , fund projects that may lead to more top charity contenders in the future and consider grantees and as potential 2017 top charities.
  4. Further improve the robustness and usability of our .
  5. Improve our process for following the progress of current top charities to reduce staff time, while maintaining quality. We also have some specific goals (discussed below) with respect to answering open questions about current top charities.
    We achieved our five primary goals for the year:
    1. Our intervention-related output was greater than in any past year, although we still see room for improvement in the pace with which we complete and publish this work (). We hired a Senior Fellow and published nine full or interim intervention reports in 2017, compared to four in 2016.
    2. We increased the number of promising charities that applied for our recommendation ().
    3. We added two new top charities: Evidence Action's No Lean Season (the first top charity to start as a GiveWell Incubation Grant recipient) and Helen Keller International's vitamin A supplementation program (which joined our list as a result of our charity outreach work). We continued to follow our current Incubation Grant recipients and made several new Incubation Grants to grow the pipeline of new top charities ().
    4. We made substantial improvements to our cost-effectiveness analysis ().
    5. We reduced the amount of staff time spent on following our current top charities. We also completed 17 of the 19 activities outlined in last year’s plan ().
      We discuss progress on each of our primary goals below. For each high-level goal, we include (i) the subgoals we set in our last annual review, (ii) an evaluation of whether we met those subgoals, and (iii) a summary of key activities completed last year.

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Chelsea explains why Ivanka is fair game

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Chelsea Clinton told Stephen Colbert that, unlike other children of Presidents, Ivanka Trump is an official adviser and should expect criticism.

How one bullet shattered a body and a family

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Chelsea Romo was hit by just one bullet from an AR-15, the weapon again at the heart of gun control debates after the Parkland school shooting. Here's what it did to her.

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Clinton denies foundation paid for daughter's wedding

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Former President Bill Clinton on Saturday denied accusations that his charity used donations for Haiti to pay for his daughter Chelsea's wedding to investment banker Mark Mezvinsky in 2010.


Chelsea Manning files for US Senate run in Maryland

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Chelsea Manning, the former Army intelligence analyst who spent several years in prison for leaking classified information, has filed to run as a Democratic candidate for Senate in Maryland.


A peek inside New York's Poster House museum

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Trying to visit all of New York City's art museums is a daunting task -- whether it's feminist art at the Brooklyn Museum's Sackler Center or edgy multimedia work at MoMA -- but a new project based in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood might bring a newcomer to the top of the "must-visit" list.


Harvard pulls Chelsea Manning invitation

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Harvard Kennedy School has rescinded its invitation to Chelsea Manning to be a visiting fellow at the school this fall, according to a statement from its dean, Douglas W. Elmendorf.

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