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Our 2018 plans for research

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This is the second of three posts that form our annual review and plan for the following year. The reviewed our progress in 2017. The following post will cover GiveWell's progress and plans as an organization. We aim to release our metrics on our influence on donations in 2017 by the end of June 2018. Summary
Our primary research goals for 2018 are to:
  1. Explore areas that may be more cost-effective than our current recommendations but don’t fit neatly into our current criteria by investigating (i) interventions aimed at influencing policy in low- and middle-income countries and (ii) opportunities to influence major aid agencies.
  2. Find new top charities that meet our current criteria by (i) completing intervention reports for at least two interventions we think are likely to result in GiveWell top charities by the end of 2019, (ii) considering renewal of GiveWell Incubation Grants to current grantee organizations that may become top charities in the future and making new Incubation Grants, and (iii) developing and maintaining high-quality relationships with charities, funders, and influencers in the global health and development community.
  3. Improve our internal processes to support the above goals. We plan to continue to delegate significant parts of our top charity update process to non-management staff and to improve our year-end process for making recommendations.
  4. Continue following our top charities and address priority questions. We are devoting fewer resources than we have in the past to top charity updates. We plan to continue gathering up-to-date information to allow us to make high-quality allocation decisions for giving season, and to answer a small number of high-priority questions.

  5. Our secondary goals (which we hope to achieve, but are lower priority than the goals above) are to:
    1. Improve the quality of our decisions and transparency about our decision-making process.
    2. Hire more flexible research capacity to increase our output.
    3. Complete reviews of two new potential top charities.

    4. We discuss each of these goals in greater depth below.

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Review of our research in 2017

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This is the first of three posts that form our annual review and plan for the following year. This post reviews and evaluates last year’s progress on our work of finding and recommending evidence-based, thoroughly-vetted charities that serve the global poor. The following two posts will cover (i) our plans for GiveWell’s research in 2018 and (ii) GiveWell's progress and plans as an organization. We aim to release our metrics on our influence on donations in 2017 by the end of June 2018. Summary
We believe that 2017 was a successful year for GiveWell’s research. We met our five primary goals for the year, as articulated in our from the beginning of the year:
Our primary research goals for 2017 are to:
  1. Speed up our output of new , by hiring a and by improving our process for reviewing interventions at a shallow level.
  2. Increase the number of promising charities that apply for our recommendation. Alternatively, we may learn why we have relatively few strong applicants and decide whether to change our process as a result. Research Analyst Chelsea Tabart will spend most of her time on this project.
  3. Through , fund projects that may lead to more top charity contenders in the future and consider grantees and as potential 2017 top charities.
  4. Further improve the robustness and usability of our .
  5. Improve our process for following the progress of current top charities to reduce staff time, while maintaining quality. We also have some specific goals (discussed below) with respect to answering open questions about current top charities.
    We achieved our five primary goals for the year:
    1. Our intervention-related output was greater than in any past year, although we still see room for improvement in the pace with which we complete and publish this work (). We hired a Senior Fellow and published nine full or interim intervention reports in 2017, compared to four in 2016.
    2. We increased the number of promising charities that applied for our recommendation ().
    3. We added two new top charities: Evidence Action's No Lean Season (the first top charity to start as a GiveWell Incubation Grant recipient) and Helen Keller International's vitamin A supplementation program (which joined our list as a result of our charity outreach work). We continued to follow our current Incubation Grant recipients and made several new Incubation Grants to grow the pipeline of new top charities ().
    4. We made substantial improvements to our cost-effectiveness analysis ().
    5. We reduced the amount of staff time spent on following our current top charities. We also completed 17 of the 19 activities outlined in last year’s plan ().
      We discuss progress on each of our primary goals below. For each high-level goal, we include (i) the subgoals we set in our last annual review, (ii) an evaluation of whether we met those subgoals, and (iii) a summary of key activities completed last year.

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Allocation of discretionary funds from Q4 2017

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In the fourth quarter of 2017, we received $5.6 million in funding for making grants at our . In this post we discuss:
  • The decision to allocate the $5.6 million to the .
  • Our recommendation that donors give to GiveWell for granting to top charities at our discretion so that we can direct the funding to the top charity or charities with the most pressing funding need. For donors who prefer to give directly to our top charities, we continue to recommend giving 70 percent of your donation to AMF and 30 percent to SCI to maximize your impact.

We noted that we would use funds received for making grants at our discretion to fill the next highest priority funding gaps among our top charities. We also noted that our best guess at the time was that we would give 70 percent to the and 30 percent to SCI.
Based on information received since November, described below, we allocated the $5.6 million to SCI, rather than dividing these funds between AMF and SCI, as previously expected. GiveWell's Executive Director, Elie Hassenfeld, the fund advisor on the also recommended that the fund grant out the $1.5 million that it held to SCI.

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GiveWell’s money moved and web traffic in 2016

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In September 2017, we posted an on GiveWell's 2016 money moved and web traffic. This post summarizes the key takeaways from our full 2016 money moved and web traffic metrics report. Note that some of the numbers, including the total headline money moved, have changed since our interim report. Since then, we decided to exclude some donations from our headline money moved figure (details in the full report), and we corrected some minor errors.
This report was highly delayed (as discussed in the interim update). We expect to publish our report on GiveWell's 2017 money moved and web traffic much more quickly; our current expectation is that we will publish that report by the end of June.
GiveWell is dedicated to finding outstanding giving opportunities and publishing the full details of our analysis. In addition to evaluations of other charities, we publish . This post lays out highlights from , which reviews what we know about how our research impacted donors.

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Pence's daughter supports John Oliver's parody book about gay rabbit

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Second daughter Charlotte Pence revealed she's "all for" comedian John Oliver's parody book, which depicts her family's pet rabbit as gay, because the proceeds go to charity.

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Girl Scout's cover of rapper's song goes viral

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Seymore Harrison Jr. and his daughter, Charity, created a parody of Childish Gambino's song "Redbone" to help sell Girl Scout cookies. They never thought it would help sell nearly 5,000 boxes.

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Haiti suspends Oxfam operations over sex misconduct scandal

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Haiti has suspended the international poverty charity Oxfam Great Britain from operating in the country after reports of sexual misconduct by some of its employees.

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Ex-Save the Children CEO accused of sexual misconduct by staff

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Save the Children has apologized for the past inappropriate behavior of its former chief executive towards female staff, promising a fresh review into the charity's "organizational culture."

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Oxfam releases internal report into Haiti prostitution claims

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Oxfam has for the first time publicly released its internal report into the 2011 Haiti prostitution scandal which has badly damaged the British charity's reputation around the world.

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Oxfam didn't act on sex abuse claims, whistleblower says

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A whistleblower in a growing scandal surrounding UK charity Oxfam has hit out at the organization's senior management and a regulator who she says failed to act when informed that senior staff paid for sex with prostitutes in Haiti following the devastating 2010 earthquake.

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