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Singing with another woman's lungs

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This fall, renowned soprano Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick will inhale deeply, filling her new transplanted lungs with air, and sing. Performing alongside her will be Esperanza Tufani, a 24-year-old restaurant manager in Ohio. Tufani's mother was the donor for Tillemann-Dick's lungs.

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Why we’re allocating discretionary funds to the Deworm the World Initiative

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Many donors who give through GiveWell's website choose to to support "Grants to recommended charities at GiveWell's ," rather than selecting a specific recommended charity or charities as the target of their gift.
We periodically grant these "discretionary funds" to what we see as the highest-value funding opportunities among our . We last granted discretionary funds in ; then, we granted $4.4 million to the Against Malaria Foundation and $0.5 million to the Deworm the World Initiative.
Since we last allocated funds, we received an additional $1.25 million in discretionary funds that we recently granted out. We also hold roughly $1 million in discretionary funds that we plan to grant out in the next month or two. We plan to grant all of this funding to the .
Recommendation for donors
We continue to that donors give 100% of their donation to the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF). In other words, although we're choosing to grant discretionary funds to Deworm the World, we don't believe that donors who rely on our recommendations should adjust their giving at this time. We explain the rationale for this below.


Update on GiveWell’s intervention research in 2017

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One of our is "intervention prioritization," our work to assess a large number of programs (interventions) as potential GiveWell we'd be interested in recommending charities working on.
This post will provide a brief overview of our intervention work this year, focusing on the we've published in 2017.
Programs we plan to continue investigating:

Programs we decided not to prioritize additional research on:

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Yemen: Million children 'at risk from cholera'

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More than a million children already suffering from acute malnutrition are at risk from a cholera outbreak sweeping war-torn Yemen, charity Save the Children warned Wednesday.


Deciding whether to recommend fistula management charities

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We've interested in fistula surgery as a potential GiveWell priority program. However, as with other surgery charities, we have struggled to identify an organization that meets GiveWell's . Now, we're and are excited that we may be able to consider a fistula surgery organization as a potential GiveWell top charity.
Our longstanding interest in interventions to treat fistula can be attributed in part to the popular narrative presented about fistula--the condition, which is often associated with social ostracization--appears to cause a significant amount of suffering, and seems to be treatable. We're not sure how representative the popular narrative is, but as donors, it has contributed to our continued interest in better understanding this intervention, along with the feeling that surgery charities in general may offer low-cost, life-changing impacts.
This post will discuss:
  • Fistula management, including surgery, as an intervention.
  • Our open questions and uncertainty around fistula management programs, particularly their costs.
  • Our plans to to help answer some of our questions about fistula management.


'Glee' star Charice Pempengco is now Jake Zyrus

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Four years after coming out, Charice Pempengco has changed her name to Jake Zyrus.

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Are GiveWell’s top charities the best option for every donor?

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We're sometimes asked whether we think GiveWell's top charities are the "best," in some absolute sense of the word, or whether we'd ever advise that a donor give to an opportunity outside of our recommendations. This post aims to clarify how GiveWell thinks about different giving options and their suitability for different types of donors.
We believe that offer donors an outstanding opportunity to do a lot of good and are the best option for most donors. However, some donors—those with a very high degree of trust in a particular individual or organization to make this decision, donors with lots of time (in excess of 50 hours per year, and likely more) to consider their giving decision, or donors whose values point strongly toward a particular cause outside of the ones GiveWell covers—may find opportunities to have a greater impact per dollar than GiveWell’s top charities. Note that we think these characteristics are likely to be necessary, but not sufficient, for finding these types of opportunities; we still expect , and spending, for example, 50 hours per year on research isn’t necessarily going to yield better opportunities.
In this post, we describe relevant considerations for donors in greater detail.

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How GiveWell uses cost-effectiveness analyses

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Our plays a critical role in the we make to donors. For example, as a direct result of our cost-effectiveness calculations, we place a on filling funding gaps at the charities we recommend that work on and than we do directing funding to , a GiveWell top charity that distributes direct cash transfers. We believe that GiveDirectly is the , but according to our analysis, cash transfers are less cost-effective in terms of impact per dollar donated than deworming treatments and malaria nets.
Accordingly, cost-effectiveness analysis is a major part of GiveWell's research process. We dedicate to this work and others involved with GiveWell research spend a considerable amount of time engaging with our cost-effectiveness model throughout the year. We consider this analysis a key part of our output and publish online so that anyone can check our calculations, enter their own inputs, and see if they agree with our approach and outputs.
This post will provide some basic information about how our cost-effectiveness analyses inform our charity recommendations.

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Prince Harry kissed his girlfriend and ...

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Royal watchers were not horsing around when Prince Harry's girlfriend showed up to watch him compete in a charity polo match.


Javier Bardem Says Johnny Depp is a 'Gentleman'

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Javier Bardem thinks Johnny Depp is a "gentleman".
The 48-year-old actor stars alongside Johnny in 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales' and Javier has admitted that during their time together on set, he grew very fond of Johnny, whose divorce from actress Amber Heard in 2016 came amid claims of domestic abuse.
Javier said: "With Johnny you can tell there is a very sensitive person there, a man who cares about people.
"That hasn't changed. Then there is the world outside the film studio, and I won't comment on these things because I don't know anything about them. But the Johnny I know is a gentleman."
The Academy Award-winning star observed that Johnny is extremely funny, as well as being a brilliant actor.
He told GQ magazine: "An exemplary actor with a sense of comedic timing quite like no other. He's f***ing hilarious!"
Johnny and Amber admitted in a joint statement after they agreed a £7 million settlement in their divorce case that their relationship had been "volatile".
The former couple split in May 2016 after 15 months of marriage and the actress subsequently accused her estranged husband of being abusive towards her.
Johnny denied the allegations made against him, but he did acknowledge their relationship was intense.
In a joint statement, the celebrity duo said: "Our relationship was intensely passionate and at times volatile, but always bound by love. Neither party has made false accusations for financial gain. There was never any intent of physical or emotional harm. Amber wishes the best for Johnny in the future. Amber will be donating financial proceeds from the divorce to a charity."


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