Thursday, 17 August 2017
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Could a new political movement stop Brexit?

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The campaign to prevent Britain leaving the EU, such as one exists, is not being led by a charismatic politician from Britain, nor even by wistful Eurocrats in Brussels. Instead, the standard-bearer of the anti-Brexit charge -- at least while the UK Parliament is on its long summer break and Prime Minister Theresa May is walking in the Alps -- is little-known former political apparatchik vacationing on a Mediterranean island at the other end of the European Union.


Brexit splits give Theresa May a holiday headache

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After the most turbulent year of her political life, British Prime Minister Theresa May is currently enjoying the fresh air and tranquility of the Swiss mountains. May interrupted her three-week walking vacation only to participate in the commemorations of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele earlier this week. While Downing Street insists she remains in charge of the country even from her Swiss chalet, her absence from the political fray has allowed a very public row to escalate within her Cabinet over Brexit.


Brexit: May says free movement ends in 2019

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Downing Street has quashed suggestions that EU citizens will still be able to come to Britain to live and work after Brexit takes effect in March 2019.

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UK: Free movement will end with Brexit

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British Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis insists freedom of movement between the UK and Europe will end when the country leaves the European Union in March 2019.


Britain's secret Brexit weapon: the Royal family

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It is 2017. Man has walked on the moon; scientific ingenuity has eradicated smallpox, split the atom and processed the bit. Yet my home country -- the United Kingdom -- still has a royal family.


Post-Brexit university campus in Germany

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Germany may soon be home to the UK's first satellite university campus on the European continent.

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UK plan for EU citizens 'too little, too late'

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British Prime Minister Theresa May has told EU citizens living in the UK that family members will be able to join them after Brexit.


May's Brexit divorce deal branded 'not sufficient'

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British Prime Minister Theresa May's plans to secure the rights of EU nationals after Brexit have been criticized as "not sufficient," by the head of the European Commission.


Prime Minister May offer: EU citizens can stay in UK

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In a Brexit divorce deal offering, British Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday said European Union citizens would be allowed to stay in the United Kingdom after the country leaves the EU.


Wounded May is still walking toward Brexit

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British Prime Minister Theresa May is a leader bruised and battered. In a matter of weeks she has suffered a toxic combination of an election that left her without a parliamentary majority, public anger at her response to the Grenfell Tower disaster and open criticism of her leadership from senior figures in her own party.


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