Thursday, 14 December 2017
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Nigerian bobsled driver on Olympics: 'It's beyond a dream'

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As a child she dreamed of being the first woman in the NBA. At Pyeongchang next year, Seun Adigun will drive the first African bobsled in Olympic history.


African smart cities: A leap into the future?

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By 2020, Africa is likely to be the fastest urbanizing continent in the world. It is currently the most rural -- only 40% of sub-Saharan Africa's population live in cities. Even the sprawling heartlands of Lagos, Kinshasa and Cairo, teeming with traffic, pollution, inadequate housing and public spaces, are in their relative infancy and destined for a growth spurt.


Ancient human ancestor 'Little Foot' makes public debut

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South Africa's Cradle of Humankind, an expanse of farmland and rolling hills outside Johannesburg, has already unlocked some of the great mysteries of evolution. The unveiling of a near-complete fossil hominid skeleton dating back 3.67 million years will only solidify the importance of the region.


How one of Africa's richest men is trying to stem the migrant crisis

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He is arguably one of the most successful businessmen in Africa and Strive Masiyiwa has an urgent message for young Africans: "You don't have to cross the Sahara. We can create solutions."


Sevens World Series: South Africa victorious in Dubai

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New season, same result.


British royals' complicated relationship with Africa

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When Prince Harry introduced Meghan Markle this week as his fiancee, he talked about their romantic trip to Botswana, where they camped under the stars, away from prying eyes.


The lab that made a 3D printer from toxic e-waste

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Electronic waste is (literally) a mounting crisis in Africa. Digital dumps made of junk phones, computers and TVs shipped mostly from richer Western countries are growing across Africa, burned producing unhealthy and hazardous gasses.

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Ending trophy hunting could actually be worse for endangered species

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I am a lifelong animal lover and vegetarian for whom the idea of killing animals for fun is repellent, and have committed my career to African wildlife conservation.


Rwanda offers refuge to 'migrants held captive in Libya'

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Rwanda is offering refuge to enslaved African migrants trapped in Libya, following a CNN investigation last week.

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Will Zimbabwe's new President actually bring change?

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The new president of Zimbabwe is called "The Crocodile." Crocodiles are feared and respected in Africa, where the reptile patiently waits for its prey, half-hidden in the brown waters of the bushveld. An impala, a zebra or even a massive kudu knows that when they come to drink at a waterhole, the "garwe" might pounce. The crocodile, like Emmerson Mnangagwa, bides his time and is swift in his execution.


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