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Comey: Trump 'treats women like they're pieces of meat'

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Former FBI Director James Comey says he believes that President Donald Trump "treats women like they're pieces of meat" as part of his larger critique of the commander in chief as morally unfit for the office.

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Internet clampdown: Bloggers charged $930

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As part of sweeping new internet regulations, the Tanzanian government has introduced a $930 fee for those wanting to have an online blog, giving the authorities unprecedented control over the internet.

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Finding and Fixing Flaws With Your Website

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Just like a parent to their child, you might think your website is perfect. You’ve spent days or weeks on end designing it, building it, finding the perfect images to accompany engaging copy, and working late nights to finish it. You’ve invested so much time and energy into it, and now it’s time to sit [...]

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Six activists jailed in Vietnam amid crackdown on dissent

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Six human rights activists in Vietnam have been sentenced to between seven and 15 years in jail, in a move condemned by the US as part of a "disturbing trend" by the country's authorities to restrict fundamental freedoms.

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Sexual consent is a worldwide conversation

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Karen meets Jeff at a party and he instantly seems like a kindred spirit.

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Trump hears from immigration hardliners

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Retreating from the White House for a three-night stay at his Florida estate, President Donald Trump heard this weekend from a parade of allies -- many on the Fox News payroll -- that his base believes he is softening on immigration.

Pope baptizes migrant hailed as hero

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Pope Francis baptized a Nigerian migrant -- who shot to fame after confronting a thief on the streets of Rome -- as part of Saturday's Easter service.

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Windows Chief Leaving Microsoft in Cloud-, AI-Focused ReorganizationWindows Chief Leaving Microsoft in Cloud-, AI-Focused Reorganization

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Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft Windows, is leaving the company as part of an AI- and cloud-focused reorganization.


Analysis: W. House keeps not telling truth again and again

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Seven days before national security adviser H.R. McMaster "resigned," President Donald Trump insisted that reports that McMaster was on his way out as part of a broader staff shakeup were totally and completely wrong.

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Considering policy advocacy organizations: Why GiveWell made a grant to the Centre for Pesticide Suicide Prevention

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In August 2017, GiveWell recommended a of $1.3 million to the Centre for Pesticide Suicide Prevention (CPSP). This grant was made as part of to seed the development of potential future GiveWell top charities and to grow the pipeline of organizations we can consider for a recommendation. CPSP implements a different type of program from work GiveWell has funded in the past. Namely, CPSP identifies the pesticides which are most commonly used in suicides and advocates for governments to ban the most lethal pesticides.
Because CPSP's goal is to encourage governments to enact bans, its work falls into the broader category of policy advocacy, an area we are newly focused on. We plan to investigate or are in the process of investigating several other policy causes, including tobacco control, lead paint regulation, and measures to improve road traffic safety.
This post will discuss:
  • GiveWell's interest in researching policy advocacy interventions as possible priority programs. ()
  • Why CPSP is promising as a policy advocacy organization and Incubation Grant recipient. ()
  • Our plans for following CPSP's work going forward. ()

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