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GiveWell’s outreach and operations: 2017 review and 2018 plans

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This is the third of three posts that form our annual review and plan for the following year. The posts covered GiveWell's progress and plans on research. This post reviews and evaluates GiveWell's progress last year in outreach and operations and sketches out some high-level goals for the current year. A separate post will look at metrics on our influence on donations in 2017. We aim to release our metrics on our influence on donations in 2017 by the end of June 2018. Summary
Outreach: Before 2017, outreach wasn't a major organizational priority at GiveWell ( this ). In our , we wrote that we planned to put more emphasis on outreach, but were at the early stages of thinking through what that might involve. , we experimented with a number of different approaches to outreach (more on the results below). In 2018, we plan to increase the resources we devote to outreach primarily by hiring a Head of Growth and adding staff to improve our post-donation follow-up with donors.
Operations: In 2017, we completed the separation of GiveWell and the and increased our operations capacity with three new hires. In 2018, our top priorities are to hire a new Director of Operations (which we have now done), maintain our critical functions, and prepare our systems for increased growth in outreach.

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