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Allocation of discretionary funds from Q4 2017

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In the fourth quarter of 2017, we received $5.6 million in funding for making grants at our . In this post we discuss:
  • The decision to allocate the $5.6 million to the .
  • Our recommendation that donors give to GiveWell for granting to top charities at our discretion so that we can direct the funding to the top charity or charities with the most pressing funding need. For donors who prefer to give directly to our top charities, we continue to recommend giving 70 percent of your donation to AMF and 30 percent to SCI to maximize your impact.

We noted that we would use funds received for making grants at our discretion to fill the next highest priority funding gaps among our top charities. We also noted that our best guess at the time was that we would give 70 percent to the and 30 percent to SCI.
Based on information received since November, described below, we allocated the $5.6 million to SCI, rather than dividing these funds between AMF and SCI, as previously expected. GiveWell's Executive Director, Elie Hassenfeld, the fund advisor on the also recommended that the fund grant out the $1.5 million that it held to SCI.

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