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Key questions about Helen Keller International’s vitamin A supplementation program

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One of our two new this year is . We named HKI's vitamin A supplementation program a top charity this year because:
  • There is from many randomized controlled trials of vitamin A supplementation that the program leads to substantial reductions in child deaths.
  • HKI-supported vitamin A supplementation programs are inexpensive ( around $0.75 in total costs per supplement delivered) and highly at preventing child deaths in countries where HKI plans to work using GiveWell-directed funds.
  • HKI is transparent-it has shared significant, detailed information about its programs with us, including the of monitoring surveys HKI conducted to determine whether its vitamin A supplementation programs reach a large proportion of targeted children.
  • HKI has a -we believe it is highly likely that its vitamin A supplementation programs will be constrained by funding next year.

HKI's vitamin A supplementation program is an exceptional giving opportunity, but as with the , not a "sure thing."
I'm the Research Analyst who has led our work on HKI this year. In this post, I discuss some key questions about the impact of Helen Keller International's vitamin A supplementation program and what we've learned so far. I also discuss GiveWell's plans for learning more about these issues in the future.

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