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Questioning the evidence on hookworm eradication in the American South

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  • Four of GiveWell's support deworming---the mass distribution of medicines to children in poor countries to rid their bodies of schistosomiasis, hookworm, and parasites.
  • GiveWell's recommendation on research from western Kenya finding that deworming in childhood boosted income in adulthood. GiveWell has also placed weight on a study by Hoyt Bleakley of the hookworm eradication effort in the American South 100 years ago.
  • I reviewed the Bleakley study and reach a different conclusion than he did: the deworming campaign in the American South did not coincide with breaks in long-term trends that would invite eradication as the explanation.
  • GiveWell research staff took the conclusions of this post into account when┬á. GiveWell continues to recommend deworming charities.
  • I also reviewed a of the impacts of malaria eradication in the United States, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. My reading there is more supporting. I'm finalizing the write-ups now and will share them soon.

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