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How GiveWell uses cost-effectiveness analyses

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Our plays a critical role in the we make to donors. For example, as a direct result of our cost-effectiveness calculations, we place a on filling funding gaps at the charities we recommend that work on and than we do directing funding to , a GiveWell top charity that distributes direct cash transfers. We believe that GiveDirectly is the , but according to our analysis, cash transfers are less cost-effective in terms of impact per dollar donated than deworming treatments and malaria nets.
Accordingly, cost-effectiveness analysis is a major part of GiveWell's research process. We dedicate to this work and others involved with GiveWell research spend a considerable amount of time engaging with our cost-effectiveness model throughout the year. We consider this analysis a key part of our output and publish online so that anyone can check our calculations, enter their own inputs, and see if they agree with our approach and outputs.
This post will provide some basic information about how our cost-effectiveness analyses inform our charity recommendations.

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